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Forsythia Shrub is a Deciduous Bush

Its golden-yellow flowers bloom before its green foliage and bring a spark of life to early spring landscapes. This deciduous bush grows well in nearly any soil or moisture conditions and can tolerate a spectrum of temperatures from high heat to bitter cold. Plant them in any light level, but an area receiving at least four hours of direct sun daily offers the best results.

Forsythia bushes increase, adding up to two feet in height every year until they reach a mature height as tall as twelve feet in five to six years. Forsythia shrub Expect mature bushes to be nearly as complete as they are tall with lush summer foliage that makes them a natural, colorful substitute for plastic fencing.


 Forsythia Shrub Can Tolerate a Spectrum of Temperatures from High Heat to Bitter Cold

The flowers are arranged along the entire length of the stem that grows from the base of the plant. The plant is a startlingly beautiful addition to any yard or garden.

Some varieties of this shrub can grow from eight to 10 feet tall and can grow equally broad. However, some bush types only grow to seven feet tall and are more suited for a mixed shrub border on a sunny bank. Some varieties are even smaller and grow to just about a foot high with a two to three-foot, tight spread. Some types of shrubs have bright green stems that contrast with the yellow flowers.


USDA Climate Zone: five to nine

Shrub Height: Up to 10 feet

Shrub Spread: Up to 10 feet

Soil Type: Loose, well-drained soil

Sun: Full sun, though some types can be grown in partial shade. However, they won't flower as abundantly in the shade.

It would help if you pruned the shrub immediately after it flowers by cutting the oldest stems back to the ground. However, Forsythia Shrub shouldn't be shared.


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Forsythia is among the earliest shrubs to bloom and provides a blast of color when gardeners need it the most.

It is a genus of deciduous flowering shrubs belonging to the olive family (Oleaceae). There are approximately 11 species in the genus and many cultivated variants that differ in height, growth habit, bloom period, and to a specific extent, color. This shrub is native to Eastern Asia. It is a fast-growing shrub that may grow up to 3 to 8 feet tall and 4 to 12 feet wide. They have an upright, arching appearance, and they are well-known for their long branches. The plant is known as the Easter tree in various parts of the region, and the blossoms are known as golden bells. 

It is a vigorous shrub with rough gray-brown bark and opposite leaves. The leaves are green or variegated, pointy, and serrated. It is rare to see the fall foliage of any significance, yet it may have a purple, red, or yellow hue. This plant puts on a lovely display of bell-shaped yellow flowers that grow in tiny clusters on the stem in the early spring before the leaves appear. There are four petals to each flower that connect only at the base. A dry capsule holding numerous winged seeds develops after the flowers fade. 

This shrub grows best in full sun, but it may handle part shade. It prefers well-drained and moist soil, although it is tolerant of many soil types. Once you plant them, they can withstand drought conditions and may even thrive in clay soils.

 Zone: 5 to 9

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Best time to Harvest: Early to Mid Spring

Water requirements: Regular or weekly 

Height at maturity: Around 3 to 8 feet tall and approximately 4 to 12 feet wide

Ship as: Bare root

Buy Forsythia today to add an eye-pleasing ornamental plant to your garden

It is necessary to prune the shrubs every year to maintain an attractive plant shape. The optimal time to prune is immediately after its flowering period. It needs little maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that they function at their peak for you. 

You may use this shrub in various ways, as a specimen plant, in a mixed border, as a backdrop for a perennial bed, or as a hedge when planted in groups or as groundcovers. They are also suitable for seasonal privacy barriers. You have to choose a location where they may have plenty of space to develop and extend as they mature.

There are three main species of plants, Forsythia suspensa, Forsythia viridissima, and Forsythia × intermedia that produce different variations of the plants. Their cultivars include Courtasol, Lynwoodgold, Meadowlark, Northern gold, Northern sun, Bronxensis, Fiesta, Spring Glory, and Sunrise.  The White Forsythia, Abeliophyllum distichum, exhibits many of the same features as Forsythia, including flowering at the same time but with white blooms, although they are not related. 

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Additional Information

Forsythia Shrub is a hardy, deciduous shrub, which displays beautiful, bright yellow color every spring.
Planting Zones 5-9
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    Forsythia shrubs

    The plants arrived promptly and in good condition, I planted the next day. My minor complaint would be that I didn’t see the 2 hr soaking instructions on the root ball bag, until after planting. Maybe some better instructions for us newbies on bare root planting.Spring will tell the story.

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    Did not recieve full order

    I have a 4 star because I did not get my full order . My plants are wonderful so far . I did get notification that I would be getting what I did not receive .

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    Very beautiful! Bright and golden!

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