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Forsythia Shrub

Forsythia Shrub

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Forsythia Shrub is a hardy, deciduous shrub, which displays beautiful, bright yellow color every spring.

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The Forsythia shrub is considered by many as the first official harbinger of spring.

Its golden yellow flowers bloom before its green foliage and bring a spark of life to early spring landscapes. This deciduous bush grows well in nearly any type of soil or moisture conditions and can tolerate a spectrum of temperatures from high heat to bitter cold. Plant them in any level of light, but an area receiving at least four hours of direct sun daily offers the best results. Forsythia bushes grow very quickly, adding up to two feet in height every year for until they reach a mature height as tall as twelve feet in five to six years.

Expect mature bushes to be nearly as full as they are tall with lush summer foliage that makes them a natural, colorful substitute for plastic fencing.

This shrub is one of the first harbingers of spring with its startling yellow blossoms that appear before the leaves. The flowers are arranged all along the entire length of the stem that grows from the base of the plant. The plant is a startlingly beautiful addition to any yard or garden.

Some varieties of this shrub can grow from eight to 10 feet tall and can grow equally broad. However, some types of the bush only grow to seven feet tall and are more suited for a mixed shrub border on a sunny bank. Some varieties are even smaller and grow to just about a foot high with a two to three foot, compact spread. Some types of shrub have bright green stems that contrast with the yellow flowers.


USDA Climate Zone: five to eight

Shrub Height: Up to 10 feet

Shrub Spread: Up to 10 feet

Soil Type: Loose, well-drained soil

Sun: Full sun, though some types can be grown in partial shade. However, they won't flower as abundantly in the shade.

The shrub should be pruned immediately after it flowers by cutting the oldest stems back to the ground. However, the Forsythia Shrub shouldn't be shared.


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