Fox sedge is a native plant and part of the sedge family or Cyperaceae.

Fox Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex vulpinoidea Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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It is what plant experts call a perennial fern. Fox sedge is a native plant with a firm, slender stems that are brown and triangular at the base. They have thin, white sheaths that are said to be€œcross-wrinkled€ close to the tops. Described as a€œclump-forming€ grass that can grow to be between 30 and 100 centimeters high and the clumps can be as much as 60 centimeters wide. It grows naturally in every continental state in the U.S. except Utah and Nevada.

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It is therefore said to be suitable for use in general landscaping. It is notably ideal for use around water gardens. It is also an excellent plant to be used in restoration projects. The arching clumps of the fox sedge plant are suitable for ground cover and maintaining the soil. Birds enjoy the habitat and protection provided by the fox sedge, and 'it's also a host plant for skipper butterflies. What's more, these plants are not palatable for deer and other grazing herbivores, so they are unlikely to attract destructive grazing animals. You can draw a splendid show of nature to your yard when you include a lush crop of fox sedge in your landscaping. While native to Missouri, the plant grows naturally in all of the continental states except Utah. Fox sedge does best in moist or wet soil with partial shade, with native habitats that are typically wet prairies, swamps, marshes, sedge meadows, floodplain forests, bodies of water, and ditches. However, this resilient plant can adapt and thrive in the average soil as well as drought sites. It can grow in both acid and alkaline soils, as well as adjust to clay soil environments.

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This highly attractive plant is commonly used in landscaping for its fluffy, delicate appearance and ability to thrive in varied environments. These pest-resistant plants are also ideal to use for erosion control, wetland restoration, and drainage ditches. It has a long-standing reputation for eventually naturalizing wherever it is adequately planted and spreads quite quickly. For the most part, it is usually planted in places that are always moist such as in wet woods or close to ponds, springs, and streams. Plant professionals confirm that fox sedge is reputed to be a rare colonizing plant in what is known as€œwetland mitigation’ areas.

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