Fragile Fern one of the oldest plants in the world, fragile ferns are a beautiful, yet delicate species of fern. Fragile ferns typically grow from 6-15" tall.

Fragile Fern

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The fragile fern is usually deep brown or black at its base. It is only as it ascends that it becomes yellow or a bright green.

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Its dainty leaves are forest green and thrive in moist, shady areas, on cliffs and precious woods. Its leaves are compound and divided into leaflets which are then divided into leaflets again. They are found in many places around the world. Fragile ferns are among the top houseplants because they require little care and thrive in low light. They typically grow from 6-15" tall. Similar to conifers, ferns don't produce fruit or flowers. The bottoms of the leaves on a fern contain multiple structures called sporangia and when the spores release, they grow into a tiny planet called a gametophyte.

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The Fragile Fern is a plant that can be found in most areas of the world and looks like your typical fern. This type of plant prefers to grow in shady areas, which are very moist; Forests that have a thick canopy, where there is a lot of rain and a tiny bit of sunlight are areas where you can find a vast amount of fragile fern. If you are living in a very wet or moist area that gets a lot of shade, you are going to be in the perfect place to grow this type of plant. The plant has long leaves, which are about thirty to forty centimeters in length, which branch off with smaller leaves coming out of both sides, creating large leaves that almost look like a fan. The leaves also have a lot of sori, which appear like small buds, or sacks that grow on the plant. They are green for a portion of the year, which are hardy to be noticed by the eye, but when the plant is in bloom, they tend to have a dark brown appearance, making the fragile fern very noticeable. One of the best things about growing this type of plant is the fact that they only tend to flourish in areas that are getting a great deal of moisture, so hardly any tending needs to be done.

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