Gama grass or Tripsacum is a type of grass that forms into a bush.

Gama Grass

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Hardy Zones 4-9, Cold Hardy, Soil Type- All Soils

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This type of grass found in the Western Hemisphere; Though gamagrass can grow in many different soil types, it is known to grow best in the moist well-drained soil. Gamagrass can reach 3 to 6 feet tall when fully matured. Gamagrass is considered a wetland plant. However, it can only tolerate short periods of excessive amounts of water or flooding. For the best growth, gamagrass prefers full sunlight and warm seasons. Gamagrass is a fibrous plant because of its interconnected roots. This plant grows best in the summertime due to its need for full sunlight. The best time to plant gamagrass is in spring, fall and summer. They bloom from April to June; gamagrass seeds turn brown when it has bloomed; used as food for livestock; deer often eat the yellow-brown seeds. Since gamagrass found in the Midwest to the Eastern side of the United States, this plant located in places like Florida and Texas. The USDA hardiness zone for gamagrass is 3 to 10. They do not do well in frigid weather and prefers a warmer climate.

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Tripsacum dactyloides, more commonly known as gamagrass, is a warm-climate bunchgrass that is native to the eastern United States. Gamagrass grows to 2-3 feet in most cases but has been known to rise as high as 10 feet in some cases. The seed-producing time is from July to September and grow to a large 6-10 inches and contain thorns. The plant’s leaves grow out from its base; Gamagrass has different female and male flowers and is a monoecious plant; Gamagrass proliferates and thrives in a warm, wet climate. It can easily withstand floods which make it useful for riparian buffers and filter strips. Gamagrass has deep, firm roots. These deep roots make it able to withstand the elements of nature. Even though the plant grows best in wetland conditions, the deep roots allow it to withstand prolonged droughts. It also is an extremely forage grass; it can be used to feed almost every kind of cattle livestock. It is a favorite of many animals and easily digestible and as such is considered a higher-end cattle feed crop. 

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