Golden Bell Forsythia brilliantly colored flowering shrubs are mostly used as borders or hedges with flowers that generally bloom in mid-April.

Golden Bell Forsythia

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Latin Name- Forsythia Intermedia Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 8-10 ft Width- 5-10 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Golden Bell Forsythia, more commonly known as Golden Bells, is native to China, Japan, and southeastern Europe or in growing zones 4-9. The flowers appear before the plant's leaves. They add a bright burst of color to any landscape and tend to be a rather hardy shrub that is capable of withstanding some neglect. Golden Bell Forsythia can grow anywhere from about 3 to 9 feet tall and upwards to 12 feet wide, so be sure to give them plenty of space. It thrives in full sun as well as well-drained rich soil. As for care and maintenance of this plant, you should routinely prune away any thicker, older or woody stems as soon as the blooms have disappeared and before the next year's buds appear. Be sure only to cut a quarter of the stems each year as well. Be sure not to prune them too early otherwise; they will not have blooms the following year. If your shrub ever becomes overgrown and completely stops flowering, cut it all the way back down to the ground.


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Cultivating of these plants is extremely easy. You can easily grow new plants by taking cuttings from established plants. Trim the stems of an established plant approximately 3-6 inches in from the tip of the stem. Then you can either dip the cut end of the stem in a hormone that causes quicker root growth, or you can place the cut end into a glass of water. You can also set the cutting into a pot of very moist and fresh soil. Roots should develop within a few weeks. Once roots have grown, you can easily transplant the stems into the dirt at any time. Golden Bell Forsythia grows best in hardy zones 4-9. When the plant blooms in early spring there are yellows blossoms that look like bells at the tip of each branch. This plant can grow anywhere from one high to ten feet. These plants make great accents to gardens and landscaping. Golden Bell Forsythia needs full sunlight or light shade. They can grow in almost any type of soil, even those that contain toxins. The soil should, however, be well drained for the Golden Bell Forsythia to thrive.


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