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Perennial Golden Seal, Hydrastis Canadensis medicinal plant 

This plant is great for shaded areas with excellent drainage, yet it likes water. They grow well with ferns and near trees. They are usually grown in forest areas near certain trees like deep-rooting trees, the birch tree, for instance. Goldenseal has a plant hardiness zone of 5 - 8, which is the upper sections of the united states like Nebraska, Kansas, and goes as low as Dallas and the surrounding area.

The natural soil gives it the nutrients it needs to create the rhizome, which is today's medicinal property. It grows at a consistent pace and is fully grown at 8 yrs growth. The stem is purplish and green, and it is unbranched, has thin hairs and extends 5" to 15" feet, is between 15 to 50 cm thick. Goldenseal should be planted at least 6-8 inches apart.

Goldenseal-Hydrastis Canadensis is a perennial that reproduces

It grows a white flower with petals with no leaves that, when it is in full bloom and ready for harvest, turns to an edible red berry. The leaves on the stem are jagged-edged with five petals that look dark green, veiny, and wrinkled when fully grown. This plant would make an excellent addition to your garden or greenhouse. The goldenseal plant is an endangered plant that is a medicinal herb.

This plant with the morning glory plant makes a great combination to plant together. The goldenseal plant is a perennial that reproduces and can be used as an area covering any area of your garden or greenhouse. In regards to its medicinal properties, that should not be used unless directed by a professional. So please research using the goldenseal plant's properties as any home remedy.

A garden with a golden seal is a garden with a much-needed plant in today's herbal gardens. It's been used since the 19th century and has been over-harvested. Brining this goldenseal plant to your personal and private garden will help in the fight to preserve this endangered plant species.

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Planting Zones 3-7
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    A good accent with my ferns in my pathway. Thank you TN nursery, your coaching is a good help.

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