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Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Sun or Shade ??Sun and Part Shade Mature Height - 24-36" Mature Width- 12-16" Bloom Season ??Summer (July to September) Gardener Status- Beginner Soil Type- Loam/Sand/Clay.
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4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
Planting Zones 4-8
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Great Blue Lobelia 3 For $12.99 Description

Great Blue Lobelia, Lobelia Siphilitica is a Flowering Annual

The Great Blue Lobelia grows best in rich, moist soil and prefers partial to total sun exposure. It stands erect, is unbranched, and is covered in dark blue flowers. When it reaches full maturity, this plant will be between 2 to 3 feet and spread out one foot in width. It's perfect for landscaping near ponds or in any garden. This plant blooms toward the end of summer or early autumn and thrives best in hardiness zones 4 to 8. The Great Blue Lobelia is a herbaceous, low-maintenance, reliable, and vibrant perennial. It blooms throughout the spring and grows well in the ground, containers, or window boxes. These plants are phenomenal and are popular among homeowners and gardeners who want to create beautiful landscaping initiatives. You can even hibernate this perennial indoors in a sunny location. They will bloom throughout the winter and be ready for re-location in the spring. 


Great Blue Lobelia, Lobelia Siphilitica Thrive in Sunny or Partially Sunny Garden Spots 

Look no further than Blue Lobelia, an annual whose flowers are a trustworthy, vibrant, beautiful blue that blooms continuously throughout the summer but is easy to care for and does well in the ground, containers, or window boxes. Start by sowing seeds or buying fully grown plants. Please place them in a sunny or partially sunny spot in the garden, add a bit of slow-release fertilizer, and water well but don't overwater. Great blue lobelia is not a plant that likes overwatered! They are about six to eight inches when you plant them but can spread about twenty-four inches by mid-summer, so you can trim them to about half height if desired.

Great news, you can even overwinter your plants by keeping them indoors in a sunny location. They will bloom all winter and be ready for re-location come spring. That's two sets of plants for the price of one! You can even start new plants by setting 4-inch stem cuttings in moist soil in a shaded spot until the new roots form. With minimal effort, your new Lobelias are ready to come spring. Love True Blue? Love Lobelias! A winner in every way! When these plants are in bloom, they look spectacular and produce a unique color for all gardens. Homeowners and gardeners love these great plants for beautiful landscaping projects.


Great Blue Lobelia, Lobelia Siphilitica is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

 The Great Blue Lobelia blooms throughout the spring, a colony-forming perennial, and adds a splash of color and perfection to your garden.

The botanical name of Great Blue Lobelia is Lobelia Siphilitica. It belongs to the genus of the Campanulaceae family. It is native to Canada and the United States. Other names of Lobelia Siphilitica are Great Lobelia or blue cardinal flower. The Great Blue Lobelia flowering perennial thrives best in rich, acidic, moist soil. This perennial, when fully mature, stands between 2 and 3 feet tall and spreads out 1 foot wide. It prefers partial to total sun exposure to grow naturally. Covered by deep blue flowers, this plant is ideal for landscaping any garden or pond. It blooms in late spring to early fall. The hardiness zone of this perennial is 4-8. 

 This plant produces a big, profusely flowered spike covered in deep blue flowers and forms colonies. Plant this Blue Flower to create a stunning color combination that entices hummingbirds. Cardinal Flower is a famous species of Great Blue Lobelia that produces attractive red flowers. Ideal for wet soil, biologists, uses this plant to treat many respiratory and muscle disorders. Moreover, it attracts many bumblebees, other bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. It is widely cultivated and also well-known in Ontario and Manitoba. The Great Blue Lobelia has a single grooved, unbranched stem that is smooth or sparingly hairy.

 This perennial has hairless or sparingly hairy leaves which are narrowly oval. They are approximately 8 to 12 cm long and 1.4 to 4 cm wide. The Lobelias produce "lobeline," a secondary compound that repels herbivores. The Great Blue Lobelia grows in wet grasslands, damp meadows, ponds, and river edges. This eye-catching perennial bears lavender-blue, tubular flowers in the form of clusters. Bright blue flowers bloom in the sepals of leafy bracts, forming an enlarged clump on a leafy stem. The stem variously attaches to the leaves with no leaf stalk.


Cultural Description of the Great Blue Lobelia:

Botanical Name:  Lobelia Siphilitica

Common Name:  Great Lobelia or Blue Cardinal Flower.

Native to: Eastern and Central Canada, United States

Soil Preference: Clay, Loam, Sand

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Ship As:  Bareroot

Benefits: Butterflies, Pollinators, Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant Host Plant

Height at Maturity: 1’-4'

Bloom Color: Blue

Water Requirement: Medium, Moist

Best Time to Harvest: Early Spring

Bloom Time: July, Aug, Sep

Hardiness Zone: 4-8



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    Great Blue Lobelia

    Posted by Betty Jones on Jan 26, 2022

    A perfect plant for landscaping and thrives very well almost in all season. I have this around my mini pond and surviving well.


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