Green Bulrush grow with ease and are also very fast growers in all locations. They bring a very natural look as they grow and looks great around water gardens.

Green Bulrush

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The green bulrush has a unique grass like wild look to it. It can live for more than two years.

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It is a cooling season plant which is most active during the spring and fall time frame. In the fall, the foliage takes on gold and brown highlighted color. The Green Bulrush reaches a height of three to four feet high with a two to four-foot spread. It self-sows and increases by rhizomes. It is a valuable plant for restoration projects, water gardens, and to control erosion areas. The Green Bulrush will do quite well in standing water, and acid or slightly alkaline saturated soils. The plant has green triangular stems with roughly eight leaves. The Green Bulrush blades are 18 inches in length, three-quarters across with yellow and green, or dark green. The plant blooms during the earlier part of summer for one to two weeks. Spikelets develop and have a yellowish-green appearance. During the summer months, the stem is topped off with a cluster of compound umbels with three or so spreading leaf-like bracts underneath. Green Bulrush thrives in full or partial sun as well as wet to moist conditions. It is adaptable to a variety of soils containing sand, organic material, clay, and gravel. Bulrushes consist of some various plants in North America and are a member of the Sedge family.

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They bring a very natural look as they grow and looks great around water gardens. The Green Bulrush is a sedge type plant, and although it has interesting and unique flowers, it may surprise you to learn that they are red or brownish. It is the stem that is green, while the subtle flowers have star-like, clustered heads. This plant typically blooms from July to August. The flowers will stay with the plant for the entire blooming period, making it ideal for giving a splash of beautiful color to the area. It’s a relatively tall-growing plant, topping out at 5 ft high.

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