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Haircap Moss is an easy-to-grow plant native to North America

It has a large, beautiful, and soft velvety leaf, making it a must-have for every indoor garden. As an ornamental plant, Haircap Moss is usually used in aquarium tanks. Tannins and other chemicals in the leaves of some aquatic plants can be harmful to fish, but Haircap moss doesn't have such toxic properties.  

Because it is a hardy plant, it can survive in low light, perfect for offices or areas with no direct sunlight. Its lush green color will brighten up any room and create the illusion of a tropical paradise. Its foliage resembles hair; this plant was once used as an alternative to hairpieces during the middle ages. It is still prevalent for wigs and headpieces to this day.

Haircap moss grows in many different shapes and sizes

The size of this plant can range from 1 inch to 2 or 3 feet wide. It can also grow very long strands from 8 inches to 10 feet long and up to 1/4 inch thick, depending on how fertile the water is that it is growing in. 

Moss is an excellent choice for covering unsightly stone, concrete, or asphalt. You can also use it in flowerbeds and even on top of the mulch to keep weeds from sprouting. It is not a weed but rather an alga that has adapted to grow on objects in the water. Moss is a plant to take the same care as any other plant; it must have light, water, and food to survive.

Moss for terrariums, tabletop gardens, and aquariums. Haircare is a highly low-growing, thick matt forming moss that is non-invasive and goes by various names, including Black Matting Moss and Black Lace Moss. It grows to approximately 1/8" high but spreads quickly to create a ground cover that is a good choice for terrariums or miniature tabletop landscapes.

Easy to grow and care for, Haircap Moss is an excellent addition to any aquarium. You'll find that these aquatic plants add a natural look and feel while also helping to filter your aquarium water.

Haircap Moss does not contain these potentially harmful chemicals, making it safe for your fish

This moss will help remove nitrates from your aquarium water, making it healthier for your fish.

Since haircap moss is almost impossible to kill, you can add it to your tank at any time without worrying about its survival. Even if the moss is dried out or frozen, it will come back to life once placed back in the water. Haircap Moss works best when placed on top of rocks or driftwood. It attaches easily to hard surfaces, creating a beautiful green covering over time as the plant develops more roots.

Height at maturity: 8 inches to 10 feet

Hardiness: zones 3 to 9

Sunlight: partial, full sun

Ship as: Bareroot 

Moss, like other plants, needs sunlight and water to grow. The haircap moss will also need food. That is best given every week with a controlled-release fertilizer. This type of moss is known as a haircap because of its appearance. It has a flat or concave appearance while having a tuft at the top and resembles the shape of headgear. 

Purchase the haircap moss in northern Europe and North America in abundance. When Collected from the wild, the haircap moss gets shipped to stores where people can purchase it in their aquariums and terrariums. The haircap moss for sale is one of the most popular types used for these purposes because of its ability to stay alive for extended periods.

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