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Hay Scented Fern 2 For $11.99 Description


Hay Scented Fern, Dennstaedtia Punctilobula Grows well in Shade and Partial Sun.

 Hay Scented Ferns

Enjoy this unique and fast-growing plant when you buy Hay-Scented Ferns from us! This fern sprouts deep green leaves that turn a greenish-yellow in the autumn months, perfect for gardens with lots of ground cover. Unlike their clumpy cousins, Hay-Scented Ferns grow singly, and their fronds are about 2-3 feet tall, spreading outwards up to 5 feet. True to their name, Hay-Scented Ferns give off a smell similar to freshly cut grass or rolled hay when brushed or crushed. This plant is extremely hardy and will grow well in its native environment that spans zones 3-8. 


Hay Scented Fern, Dennstaedtia Punctilobula, is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Our Hay-Scented Ferns for sale do not require much sunlight so planting them in the shade of partially shaded areas is ideal. They can also tolerate full sun as long as the soil stays watered. Be sure not to plant them around weaker plants, as Hay-Scented Ferns are aggressive and will quickly overtake more delicate blooms. These ferns grow best in moist and acidic soil and only need water after their dirt dries. The more space you give, the more this stunning fern will take up, so be wise when determining where to plant. To thin out, remove any dense growths; this fern will stay within the confines its gardener creates. If you have deer or rabbit problems with your garden, this fern is highly recommended as it repels both animals and keeps your space looking naturally gorgeous. 


Hay-Scented Ferns, Even if planted in full sun, will not have the same lush appearance in full sun.

Hay-Scented Ferns are perennial and come back yearly, though it may seem like they die when the cold season rolls in. These tough little plants will come back seemingly forever, most easily growing for up to 10 years after fully maturing. Any spot outdoors where other plants may find it challenging to thrive is where you should consider propagating Hay-Scented Ferns because of their ability to spread quickly and their resistance to disease and herbivorous animals. 

Best Time to Harvest: June-September

Water: Drought tolerance when established

Zone: 3-8

Height at Maturity: 1-3 feet

Sun Exposure: Partial shade in full sun

Ship as: Bareroot

Reviews (3)

  • 5
    Hay Scented Fern

    Posted by Hay Hay Guy on May 28, 2022

    I was going to tell a ferny joke, but seriously, everything arrived alive.

  • 5
    Hay Scented Fern

    Posted by Bruce Butcher on Sep 30, 2021

    Came as a bag of loose rhizomes. They all seemed healthy and had a snap to them. I got a lot more than the 25 I ordered. I don't know if this was a mistake, or they are just very generous with this variety.

  • 5
    Just lovely

    Posted by Charolet Kalf on Mar 08, 2018

    Loved this look! Very big and full!

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