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Hedweigia Moss is a Thick and Bristly Appearing Moss

It is present in different states in the US. It is widespread and also present in other countries such as Canada and Britain. Its scientific name is Hedwigia ciliate; It is a pleurocarpous moss. It has a distinctive look that makes it attractive. You can quickly identify it by its thick and bristly appearance; The plant grows in loose colonies; The rhizoids act as a foot for attaching the plant’s colonies. When mature, they resemble a coral reef. The moss is dark green, but the color gets lighter at the tips. Its leaves have a weak reflex at the base, unlike the strongly re-curved margins present in other types of mosses. They have a hyaline triangle at the leaf tips. Some are ciliate when others are not. Fusiform cells are present at the tips of their leaves. When it dries, its appearance changes to that similar to dead strings. When wet, the moss will turn yellowish and the stems red.

Hedweigia Moss can Tolerate Different Growing Conditions

The plant even can use asphalt as a substrate. Mosses will usually grow on the bark of trees and woody debris; however, it is rare to find the Hedweigia Moss growing in these areas. Also, the Hedweigia Moss can tolerate different conditions. It can grow comfortably in the regions that do not have exposure to direct sun rays and those that do. Therefore, it is a good alternative for creating a green wall and roof. You can achieve this by planting the moss on a landscaping fabric. The mat will enable you to arrange it in various shapes. The rug will also play a significant role in retaining moisture. They grow great when planted in natural areas and gardens located in full and partial shade; When they mature, they look a lot like the coral reef and display a beautiful shade of bright green. This plant seems luscious and full upon growing. It can grow small but spread quickly. It is full and seems complete as it grows.

Hardiness zones: North America


Hedweigia Moss is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Hedweigia Moss, scientifically known as the Hedweigia Ciliata among the botanists, is associated with the family of Hedwigiaceae. This typical type of moss may look like a pleurocarpous moss, but in reality, it is a macrocarpa moss. They are also sometimes called mountain moss. Leaves are present throughout the stem and are divided in a moderate and dense form. Like other typical mosses, they do not need a high water supply for proper growth and development. Ideally, they like proper sunlight, but they can also continue growth in moderate sunlight if provided with other necessary parameters. 

This moss grows on roofs in the presence of sunlight and rainwater. These increase on roofs and provide certain environmental benefits. They tend to lower the place's temperature and give a beautiful look to the building without any extra effort. An added advantage for urban area residents will be that a Hedweigia Moss will prevent water seepage inside the building. 

This category of mosses can survive extremely harsh environmental conditions. Despite being subjected to severe heat, relentless thunderstorms, high winds, and hail, this group's mosses stay unharmed and easily adjust to extreme environmental changes. Unlike any typical moss, these mosses only survive during acutely cold conditions but grow further. 

Due to the green color, the Hedweigia Moss also provides solutions to many typical environmental conditions, including water filtration, stormwater run-off, and erosion control. Hedweigia Moss does not need any fertilizer for its proper growth, and as a result, they do not cause any groundwater pollution. Many other plant and grass species show proper growth when placed in certain environmental conditions and are regularly delivered with good pesticides and fertilizers.

Hedweigia Moss is a good option for many individuals, especially for the residents of urban areas, because this moss is not highly delicate like other plant species and does not require lots of time and investments for maintenance purposes. These factors make Hedweigia Moss quite remarkable, which is why many farmers and gardeners highly demand this category of moss. 

You have many advantages if you decide to add this moss to your residence. You will have a natural source for maintaining low temperatures during sweltering summer. This helpful moss will prevent leakage inside your home and act as a natural barrier against water seepage. Moreover, you don't need extra dedicated space to grow this moss. 

They naturally develop on the rooftop and do not require a special place inside your cozy home. Because of being outdoors, these mosses won't be an invitation for insects and mosquitoes. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry; grab your Hedweigia right now before it gets out of stock. People love this moss its benefits, and this specific moss is ordered each day by many of our customers. 

Best time to harvest: Between March and through Mid June

Water: They naturally obtain rainwater

Height at Maturity: 2.5 to 3cm

Soil: Does not require pesticides and fertilizers

Sun Exposure: Full and moderate

Ship As: Barefoot

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Hedwegia Moss-Hedwigia ciliata Hardy Planting Zones- all of North America Sun or Shade ??Partial Sun Mature Height - 1-2" Mature Width- groundcover Bloom Season ??n/a Gardener Status- Beginner
Planting Zones 3-9
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