Hedweigia Moss got its name from the father of Bryology, Johannes Hedwig.

Hedweigia Moss

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Hedwegia Moss-Hedwigia ciliata Hardy Planting Zones- all of North America Sun or Shade – Partial Sun Mature Height - 1-2" Mature Width- groundcover Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner


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It is present in different states in the US. It is widespread and also present in other countries such as Canada and Britain. Its scientific name is Hedwigia ciliate; It is a pleurocarpous moss. It has a distinctive look that makes it attractive. You can easily identify it by its thick and bristly appearance; The plant grows in loose colonies; The rhizoids act as a foot for attaching the plant’s colonies. When mature, they resemble a coral reef. The moss is dark green, but the color gets lighter at the tips. Its leaves have a weak reflex at the base unlike the strongly re-curved margins present in other types of mosses. They have a hyaline triangle at the leaf tips. Some are ciliate when others are not. Fusiform cells are present at the tips of its leaves. When it dries, its appearance changes to that similar to dead strings. When wet, the moss will turn yellowish and the stems red.

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The plant even can use asphalt as a substrate. Mosses will usually grow on the bark of trees and woody debris; however, it is rare to find the Hedweigia Moss growing in these areas. Also, the Hedweigia Moss can tolerate different conditions. It can grow comfortably in the regions that do not have exposure to direct sun rays and those that do. Therefore, it is a good alternative for creating a green wall and roof. You can achieve this by planting the moss on a landscaping fabric. The mat will enable you to arrange it in various shapes. The rug will also play a significant role in retaining moisture. They grow great when planted in natural areas and gardens that are located in full and partial shade; When they mature they look a lot like the coral reef and displays a beautiful shade of bright green. This plant seems luscious and full upon growing. It can grow small but spread quickly. It is full and seems complete as it grows.

Hardiness zones: North America

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