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Horsetail Plant

Horsetail Plant

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Horsetails get their name because the branches and leaves look thick, full and fuzzy.

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Horsetail Plant get their name because the branches and leaves look thick, full and fuzzy.

It looks good growing around any water area. It also goes by the name swamp horsetail. It is also known as Equisetum Fluviatile. Hardy planting zones are 2-10. The growth rate is up to 12 inches per year. Horsetail grass takes its name because of the appendages on this perennial look like a horse’s tail blowing in the wind. Its stringy leaf-like appendages are arranged symmetrically around the stem. This plant is sometimes called snake grass because other people think the leaves look like a snake’s rattler. This plant makes a lovely green border even though it bears no flowers. Scientists believe this plant to be over 350 million years old, and it has changed very little over time.

One of the best uses of horsetail grass is to plant it in a clump surrounded by concrete where it looks stunning blowing in the wind.

This rapidly spreading plant also works well as a dense wall or as tall ground cover. Its exotic appearance makes it great in many different settings as it waves in the wind behind other colorful flowers. Horsetail grass usually grows up to three feet tall in a single year, and it has been known to grow to over five feet tall in ideal conditions. It then turns brown and needs to be cut off. It will grow back next year.

It grows in dense colonies. It can grow in shallow water or deep water; it is very versatile. They love the muddy waters. It can add and bring life into your water garden. They can be purchased in most locations from 1-100 or more. Plant with an equal amount of shade and sun for adequate growth.

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