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Hummingbird Plant is great for those wanting to attract humming birds to their garden.The showy flowers are an orangish-red with yellow throats.

Hummingbird Plant

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Hummingbird plant - Campsis Radicans - Hardy Planting Zones - 7a-10b Sun or Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 2-3' Mature Width- 2-3' Bloom Season - Late Spring to Early Fall

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Hummingbird Plant, Campsis Radicans, also known as; the trumpet creeper, and the low itch vine, is a woody vine with 3” -4” trumpet-shaped flowers.
The showy flowers are an orangish-red with yellow throats. The hummingbird plant is native to Eastern North America, yet it can grow in zones 3-9, which also encompasses Western North America and parts of Canada. This perennial is a deciduous vine that can grow to an upwards of 30’ plus in height and 5’-10’ in width. The Hummingbird plant blooms from June through September and requires full sun to flourish properly. To thrive to the most total capacity; this vine requires full sun, low amounts of water, and it needs well-drained, loam rich, and clay-rich soils. Hummingbirds are highly attracted to this plant. The plant had gotten its name because it attracts hummingbirds. The vine is similar to the Trumpet Vine. The vine likes to climb up posts, trellis, and fencing. You can use it for coverage. The purple vine produces nectar for the birds to eat. The hummingbirds will return year after year as the main attraction. You may want to find a location that is of the magnificent view, and you can enjoy watching the hummingbirds come in and eat the nectar.

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It is good to remove any dead flowers, leaves, or vines to keep it looking fresh. This will also help the vine keep growing and maturing. This elegant vine plant will look beautiful in any landscape. The plant has minimal upkeep and looks good anywhere.
USDA Climate Zone - Zone 4-10
Vine Height - 1-3 inches tall
Vine Width - 2-9 cm.
Soil Type - Neutral Soil
Sun - Full to Partial Sun

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