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The Indian Grass, Sorghastrum Nutans Stands Out From Other Grasses With Its Display Of Colors In An Ornamental Landscape

The Indian grass, formally known as the Sorghastrum nutans in scientific terms, is a North American prairie grass usually found in the Great Plains and tallgrass prairies. As a tall, bunching, warm-season grass that sometimes serves as feed for livestock, it is a popular ornamental grass that works well as a good backdrop in garden borders or as the main mass feature when creating a natural meadow or wildlife garden. An alluring additive to any ornamental garden with ornate foliage, majestic plumes, and graceful flower clusters, the Indian grass is an excellent choice to bring motion and dancing foliage to the home landscape. And since maintenance is minimal, making it is a perfect choice for native gardens where light and wind provide a magical interplay of movement and dimension.

The Indian Grass, Sorghastrum Nutans Along With Its Attractive Physical Structure, Works Just As Well As A Slope Border To Prevent Erosion

As a species native to North America, ornamental Indian grasses are known for their height, producing spectacular ornamental specimens. Their leaves are three-eighths of an inch wide and eighteen inches long, with thin tips, glabrous surfaces, and rifle-sight-shaped ligules. Since the Indian grass is a perennial, it has a significant growth habit, maturing to a staggering height of six feet with upright tufts that can reach up to five feet. Planting Indian grass in the landscape provides foliage of a burnt-orange shade in autumn. Its plume-shaped panicles give a golden-brown effect ranging from splashes of yellow to orange, lasting from late summer until early winter. Its short rhizomes can even remain standing in the winter while dormant, and the grass blades add interest to the landscape with shades of green, grey, and even blue. Thanks to its hardiness, clumping formation, solid rooting system, and ability to grow even in the most inadequate soil quality, the Indian grass works well on slopes to prevent erosion and borders, hedgerows, and screens.

The Indian grass prefers plenty of full sunlight every six hours to perform to its best potential. Besides that, this plant species is a relatively low-maintenance addition to the garden, as it adapts well to various soils and copes with extremes from droughts to occasional flooding. As the Indian grass reseeds easily, it only needs minimal attention once establishes. While it can stand heavy clay and dry, infertile soils, its only preference is that whatever soil the plant grows on is well-drained; otherwise, the grass may flop. As for the fertilizer, it is best avoided during maturity as it results in the roots becoming too long; however, light fertilization is ideal in getting seedling grass established.

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