Interrupted Fern growth rate of them is up to 24-36 inches a year. This fern is native to Eastern Asia as well as eastern North America.

Interrupted Fern

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USDA Climates Zone: Three to Nine Height: 18-24 inches Spread: 10 inches Soil Type: Very Wet Sun: Full exposure

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Interrupted Fern can grow to heights up to 48 inches tall and up to 24 inches wide. This fern has several fronds that can grow from one stem. It prefers to grow along moist soils and can help with soil erosion. Interrupted Fern is also called Osmunda Claytoniana. The best zones to plant this fern would be in hardy planting zones 4-10. The growth rate of them is up to 24-36 inches a year. This fern is native to Eastern Asia as well as eastern North America. In North America, it can commonly be found near the Great Lakes region and in eastern parts of Canada.

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The fronds are considered to be bipinnate and have blades that form by alternating segments which form an arching blade and then points at the end. The first parts of the fern are typically shorter as well as thinner. In the middle of the frond will be anywhere three to seven short fertile segments that are cinnamon-colored. They can change color in the fall months from green to yellow. As the winter sets in and the cold hit them, it will start turning a dull brown color. The fronds cut down when they die, or they can stay there, and new growth will grow the next spring. Water and shade are all this plant needs.
Soil Requirements: Prefers stony, dry, mildly acidic soil. Established plants tolerate some drought but do better with summer watering.
Pruning: None needed. New fronds emerge in spring and then die back in the fall.
Flower Form: In early spring, the deciduous interrupted fern is one of the first to appear. The new sterile fronds are white with wool when they unroll. The bipinnate fronds are then bright green all summer and turn gold in fall. Fertile fronds poke up from the center and are taller with three to seven spore-bearing segments hanging from the middle, giving this fern its common name. These spores soon drop off in hopes of producing new plants in ideal conditions. While it is considered hardy and stands up well to rabbits, it shouldn’t be disturbed or divided.

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