Iris Cristata Plant

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  • Iris Cristata Plant
  • Iris Cristata Plant

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Iris Cristata is also known as the dwarf crested iris

The Iris Cristata is also known as the dwarf crested plant. This plant is considered to be a perennial plant(living more than two years). When it blossoms, one can see pale lavender with a hint of white, accompanied by orange or yellow or blue, lilac or pale blue. It is rare to find them in pink or white but, it does happen. Its closest relative is the Dwarf Lake Iris. They are both natives of North America(they grow naturally in a particular region).

Iris Cristatas are grown as decorative plants where the temperature is hot. They can be us as house plants, put in vases, or some people grow them in their garden. The plants have very shallow roots that look like long twigs spread over to several branches. These roots are about eight to 12inches in length; the roots are considered succulent, from these roots, other plants spring up. The overall height of the plant may be anywhere between three to six inches tall. 

Iris Cristata prefer to be planted in the shade

The stems of the Iris Cristata are very short, about one to two inches. The leaves are about two to three inches in length. These beautiful flowers blossoms in the spring or early summer from a thread-like tube. Their sweet aroma fills the air with their fragrances.

If you happen to own one, remember it doesn't need direct sunlight or too rich a soil. It will only enhance the undergrowth; thicken it, leaving the plant never to produce any of its flowers. If it happens to get direct sunlight, make sure the plant is kept moist. This plant germinates through its seed. It would help if you planted them in acid soil(PH less than5.5); speak with your local florist so that they will guide you on what works best. Iris Cristatas grows thick; they should be divided every three to five years by cutting back the fans. Lift them out of the ground so the roots can be clean. It would help if you did this after blooming or in the fall. Enjoy!

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    Iris Cristata Plant

    I so love decorating my table with this as centerpiece. This looks very elegant placed inside your homes.

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