Kwanzan Cherry Tree 1-2'

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  • Kwanzan Cherry Tree 1-2'
  • Kwanzan Cherry Tree 1-2'
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Kwanzan Cherry Trees are available in various colors: red, purple, pink, and white

The Kwanzan Cherry Tree is an Asian species native to Japan. The tree itself grows from 20-30 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide. It can be kept smaller by pruning the tree back to about 8-10 feet.

Kwanzan Cherry Trees are deciduous and flowering trees that grow pink flowers during springtime. Kwanzan Cherry Trees are beautiful and will liven up any garden or yard; however, they do not grow well in scorching temperatures. 

It is recommended that you plant your Kwanzan Cherry Tree anywhere from 3-5 feet away from other trees or structures so that it has enough room to grow without having too much competition for sun and water sources.

Kwanzan Cherry trees have a frosty appearance that looks like they're covered with dew

The Kwanzan Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan') is a small, deciduous flowering cherry tree with a rounded, broad crown and an upright habit. The blooms develop into small, red fruit that falls from the tree in summer, with glossy green leaves that emerge shortly after flowering. All Prunus serrulata varieties are considered self-pollinating, so this plant does not need another tree nearby to produce fruit or flowers.

The Kwanzan Cherry is native to western China, often used for bonsai and other topiary art forms. It has a low chill requirement of 500 hours and performs best in full sun to partial shade conditions. This tree prefers moist soils but can tolerate various soil types, provided they drain well.

Kwanzan Cherry Trees has an upright oval shape with thin, dark green leaves. The trees have strong branches which heavily produce small flowers. 

Height at maturity: 3-5 feet

Hardiness: zones 5 to 9

Sunlight: partial, full sun

Ship as: Bareroot

 Kwanzan Cherry Tree provides beauty and health benefits for those who plant it in their yards or gardens.

Purchase Kwanzan Cherry Tree because it is commonly used in yards or gardens to add beauty to an area or color to an otherwise dull-looking space. The trees also attract many species of birds, the sugar-rich fruit produced throughout the year on these trees.  

After flowering, remove dead flowers with pruning shears to increase the number of fresh flowers that will appear later in the season. This tree is highly versatile and can be used as a small specimen tree or grown in large groups. It will only be slightly affected by cold temperatures as temperatures below -20°F may cause some damage if left exposed. The Kwanzan Cherry in sale prefers full sun or partial shade with ample water.

Trees planted in colder climates usually take longer to bloom than those grown in warmer areas. This tree produces small red or black cherries that have a strange taste because they are not very sweet nor sour and have a kind of acidic flavor that is hard to describe. These cherries are edible but are not recommended for consumption because they are very bitter and harmful to some people if consumed regularly.

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