Lady Fern is an excellent addition to a shade garden.

Lady Fern

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Lady Fern - Athyrium filix-femina Hardy Planting Zones - 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial shade to full shade Mature Height - 24"-48" Mature Width- 24"-36" Bloom Season – Not applicable Gardener Status- Beginner

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This attractive deciduous fern is a slow-growing plant that colonizes through rhizomes. It thrives exceptionally well in areas that receive dappled sunlight. One of the most appealing aspects of a shade garden is the visual diversity seen as hints of sunlight dance across the leaves of shade-loving plants scattered throughout the garden. The feather-like, diamond-shaped fronds of the lady fern can extend as much as 48 inches and can be up to 12 inches wide. Not only do the lacy fronds add luminous color to the garden, but they also provide motion when a light breeze passes through the garden, a gentle rain falls, or an insect makes it way across the fronds. Lady fern does best in slightly acidic, loamy soil; It should plant in an area with good drainage. Newly planted ferns require regular watering.

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As with any plant, you should check its hardiness in your climate zone. Northern lady ferns thrive in the upper portion of the United States. Southern Lady ferns have the endurance necessary to survive hot southern summers. Lady ferns should only be fertilized once a year. An ideal way to showcase the lady fern in a shade garden is to plant it near other shade-loving plants that have dark leaves. The yellow-green lady fern fronds will be easily noticeable among the dark green foliage. In addition to being used to enhance the beauty of a shade garden, lady fern can also be incorporated into a rock garden or used as a border plant for a shaded walkway. Woodland gardens or fairy gardens have increased in popularity. Lady Fern would be an excellent addition to this type of garden. Buy it from us now!

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