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Landscape Driftwood

Landscape Driftwood

What Makes the Use of Landscape Driftwood For Decoration Special?

Driftwood is deadwood that has been washed onto a seashore, or the banks of a river, or a lake by the action of waves, winds, or tides. It’s a form of tidewrack or marine debris. In some areas, this type of wood can be a big nuisance. However, it also provides food and shelter to the birds, fish and some aquatic species when it floats in different parts of the ocean. Bacteria, gribbles, and shipworms decompose this wood, and with time it gets converted into the nutrients that are again reintroduced into the food web. Sometimes decomposed wood pieces may get washed ashore, where it provides shelter to the plants, birds and various other species.

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Landscape Driftwood has been a fascinating material since centuries and is widely used in landscaping, fine arts, building plant and animal environment, and hobby craft. When used in landscaping, it is also used with fancy garden lights, or for making planters for decorative plants. You can purchase it at craft supply and pet stores. However, it can also be free for you if you are willing to spend time looking for it! There is nothing more enjoyable than combing a beautiful beach searching for these washed up treasures. You can not only find this wood on saltwater beaches, but also on the shores of brackish river deltas and big freshwater lakes. Their type would depend on the kind of trees that grow in that particular geographical area.

Some landscape driftwood pieces are quite large and beautiful, so people decorate their gardens by placing them strategically or planting trees or flowers in them. It is also be used in making floral decorations, lamps, furniture, picture frames, or just placing a piece on a shelf. Many people love to place these beautiful wood art in their aquariums, and with proper cleaning and curing, it won’t dirty your fish tank!

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