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Leatherwood Fern, Dryopteris Marginalis is Easy To Grow

Leatherwood Fern, formally called Dryopteris marginalis, is a beautiful semi-evergreen fern with lovely dark green foliage. It is native to woodland areas of north-eastern North America and performs well in the sun but thrives well in moist and shady conditions. This elegant fern is perfect as a background in the garden.

The plant's fronds arise in a vase shape and rapidly tapers or reduce their thickness toward one end. The lance-shaped blade forms leathery green fronds arranged in a single-crowned clump. Mulch with two inches of leaves if necessary to keep crowns from drying out. Its foliage remains evergreen but is clipped back in late winter. The plant is not invasive, and others find them easy and reliable to grow. This fern looks attractive when placed in garden containers. Florists often use them since this plant is one of the best ferns for floral arrangements.

The plant's root has medicinal use since it contains 'filicin,' a substance that could paralyze tapeworms and other internal parasites. Harvesting the plant's roots is during autumn then dried for later use. Remember that the storage of its roots should no longer be over 12 months. Use with caution, and if possible, use it under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

Leatherwood Fern Retains Its Color During Winter

This easy-to-grow fern matures to bluish-green during midsummer, but its color and texture look good in all seasons and even retains its color during winter

When you decide to grow a leatherwood fern, the best time to plant is from spring to fall. Plant this perennial a few inches apart in humus-rich and well-drained soil. Position the plant to make the taller ones at the center or background of the landscape design and put shorter ones in the foreground.

Leatherwood fern performs best in less than three hours of sunlight per day but can tolerate more. In caring for the plant, water the new plantings daily for a couple of weeks. Watering is adjusted to every two or three days, depending on the weather and if the soil becomes dry. For sandy soil, expect water more frequently as it does not hold moisture, unlike clay soil. Also, keep in mind not to plant the crowns not more than one to two inches deep since it could be fatal to them when it is too deep.

This fern's gracefulness and its beautiful shades enhance the garden with their shades of green. And when other plants are hard to thrive, leatherwood ferns are the easiest and the best plant to grow anywhere.

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Dryopteris marginalis, sometimes known as Leatherwood Fern, is a magnificent semi-evergreen species having lovely dark green foliage. Marginal shield fern is another famous name of this species. The species is native to the woodlands of north-eastern North America and flourishes in wet, shaded environments. This graceful fern is ideal for use as a border in the garden. The plant's fronds begin in a vase form and quickly taper or thin out toward one side. The lance-shaped blade produces soft green fronds with a single crown in a cluster. Cover crowns with 2 inches of leaves to stop them from drying out if essential. It has evergreen foliage that is cut back in late winter. Several find the fern to be easy to grow and dependable.

This type of fern is a non-spreading type. It means you can grow them without any gaps in between so that they can form an entirely beautiful setting. This forest fern prefers to grow in the shadow of rocky cliffs and bluffs. Their fronds are grayish-green, sharply cut, and leathery (15-20" in length). Sori are present on the pinnule undersides' borders or margins. It has an upright crown formed by its rhizome.

The presence of evergreen fronds enhances the winter scenery; It loves wet, well-drained soil, humus-rich ground in moderate to full shade. They are comprehensive, tall crowns thickly coated with light brown scaling; form a vast, solitary crown; hardy. It can be developed in partial shade to full sun in ordinary, intermediate, well-drained, moist soil.

When planted in garden planters, this fern looks lovely. Florists frequently use them since they are among the best ferns for floral creations. The fern's root has medical use. The plant roots are harvested in the autumn and dried for subsequent use. Remember that the roots should not be stored for more than 12 months. Utilize with caution and, if at all possible, under the guidance of a skilled health professional. Throughout the winter season, the Leatherwood Fern maintains its coloring.

Place the fern in the landscape design such that the taller ones are in the background and the lesser ones are in the foreground. Feed the new seedlings every day for two weeks while caring for the fern. According to the weather and if the ground becomes dry, watering is reduced to every other day. Because sandy soil cannot keep moisture like clay soil, it will need to be watered more frequently. Also, remember that you should only plant crowns one to two inches deep since planting them any deeper could be detrimental to them.

Best Time to Harvest: Late Summer

Water: Drought tolerance when established

Zone: 3-8

Height at Maturity: 2-3 feet

Sun Exposure: Partial shade in full sun

Ship as: Bareroot

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