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Live Garden Collection

Live Garden Collection

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Live garden moss is a welcome addition to any planter or terrarium, as well as a great way to add a lush feel to a garden.

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Live garden collection moss is a welcome addition to any planter or terrarium, as well as a great way to add a lush feel to a garden.

Live garden moss sticks close to the ground, rarely ever creating a half inch of height. The real appeal of moss is its ability to spread far and wide, where over time it can envelop large sections of the forest floor.
Ideal planting zone for live garden moss is anywhere that is damp, cool, or otherwise hidden from direct sunlight. In the wild, moss grows in clumps and can envelop tree trunks, rocks, or fallen fauna. The real benefit of live garden moss is its hardiness. It can be thrown across hard, undesirable, or otherwise uninhabitable part of your garden or yard, and thrive.
Mosses are nonflowering plants that never form woody stems. This keeps them green nearly year round (depending on your location), and prevents them from becoming unruly, as other small plants that develop woody stems bay be.

Live garden moss has a unique, but subtle texture to make up for the fact that it does not flower.

From afar, moss can make the perfect backdrop or blanket to a stone fall, brick retaining fence, or a natural cover to any human-made structure. The lush green envelopes all of the nooks and crannies of its surrounding, maximizing its moisture intake from the air. From up close, moss is a different story, with various repeating and intricate fractal patterns making up an exciting array of designs.
While you’re focused mainly on the more significant, more colorful parts of your garden, make sure you take time to consider the more subtle details as well. Adding moss as a feature (especially in the low light area) will form the colors in your garden pop, and ensure a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

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