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Loblolly Pine Seedlings can grow into large evergreens are long and slender with a crown that spreads. When fully mature this tree can be expected to be about 98-115 feet tall, sometimes being even taller.

Loblolly Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus Taeda, Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 60-90 ft Width- 25-30' Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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Loblolly Pine seedlings are also known as Pinus Taeda. They thrive best when planted in hardy planting zones 6-10. Its growth rate is high-speed, growing more than 3 feet a year. When fully mature, this tree can be expected to be about 98-115 feet tall, sometimes being even more towering. It can also be planted and sold commercially for the wood. The timber from this tree is significant to the commercial world. This pine tree can also use for wood pulp. Typically, this tree can often be found in lowlands or near swampy areas. They do produce long thin needle leaves that are a greenish-blue color. The needles will grow in bundles of three and sometimes twist. Typically, the needles will stay on the pine tree for about two years before they fall; This will be sure to give it some character. Cones are produced every year in significant numbers. The seed cones in color are green and when ripe will be a pale brown. Each scale of the cone bears a sharp spine. These trees work well to help alleviate eroding and help with damaged soil conditions.

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These trees are usually not mature until they reach 100 to 150 years old. Loblolly Pine Trees are some of the most highly treasured pines in existence, valued by people for the shade, beauty, and privacy they provide. The loblolly pine is equally beloved by wildlife, often serving as home to a variety of birds, such as the Carolina chickadees, brown-headed nuthatches, rufous-sided towhees, northern bobwhites, and wild turkeys. Other animals also nest and play amid the loblolly’s branches. Among some of the more common four-legged creatures to be found loitering near these magnificent pines are chipmunks and squirrels. Loblolly pine seedlings grow faster than most pines, adding 24 inches to their height with each year. While its access to direct sunlight may limit this growth, loblolly pines reach their maximum potential, when they get at least six hours of sunshine per day. These particular pine trees are prominent throughout the southeastern United States, so their soil requirements are a little more liberal than some other pine species. The loblolly seedlings can thrive in acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained, and clay soils. Natural moisture is excellent, so additional watering isn’t necessary. Also, more extreme conditions, such as flooding and drought, won’t harm the loblolly pine tree.

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