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Low bush blueberry, with the scientific name of Vaccinium angustifolium, grows natively in the Northeastern United States.

Low Bush Blueberry

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Low bush blueberry, with the scientific name of Vaccinium angustifolium, grows natively in the Northeastern United States and Central and Eastern Canada. These blueberries grow lavishly in wooded areas with moist soil and good drainage. The low bush blueberry is grown best in acidic soil with the preference for full sun or partial shade. Small bush blueberries are a short shrub with reddish stems that will average in the height of one foot but may reach up to two foot tall. Blueberry shoots can be inactive for upwards of one hundred years until supplied with the proper sun, moisture, and oxygen levels. This plant can be and is grown commercially in places throughout Canada and the Northeast United States, with many of these businesses managing and harvesting from otherwise wild patches. Bushes, however, can be propagated from either seed or cuttings.


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Low Bush Blueberry's leaves are oval and are .33 inches to .75 inches long. The bushes have brown or red buds that become white and bell-shaped flowers that can be a quarter of an inch in diameter. Sturdy stems can hold several buds, and these buds can contain many flowers. More sunlight can equate to increased buds and blossoms, therefore growing the fruit that is produced by each plant. The buds generally bloom in May and are a beautiful addition to a garden landscape. These flowers turn into blue or blackberries in late summer the berries are sweet and bursting with antioxidants and other nutrients. The low bush blueberry is naturally fire resistant, and it has been known to flourish after a forest fire. The small bush blueberry is a welcome addition to any landscape with both beautiful foliage and flowers as well as creating a delicious fruit.
Low bush blueberries grow mostly in the colder climates, and can quickly spread. These varieties of “wild” blueberries have a much higher amount of antioxidants than any other kind. The flowers are 5 mm, white, and bell-shaped; the fruit is almost black and super sweet. These blueberries grow well in slightly rocky, moist soil.
Scientific Name: Vaccinium angustifolium
Native to North America
Duration: Perennial
USDA climate zone: 3-6 (Northeastern US, Eastern and Central Canada)
Symbol: VAAN
Group: Dicot
Growth Habit: Deciduous shrub/subshrub
Height: 1-2 feet
Habitat: Tundra, bogs, barrens
Sun: Partial Shade Low Bush Blueberry

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