Maple Tree Package - 1 Each 3-4 Feet Height- Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Silver Maple

Maple Tree Package - 1 Each 3-4 Feet Height- Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Silver Maple

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Maple Tree Package is an excellent package that includes a wide variety of maple trees, and these trees bring a lot of bright and vibrant colors as they mature.

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The package could include:
October Glory Red grows best in climate zones five through eight and can grow to be anywhere from forty to fifty feet tallÂ… an excellent shade tree!
The Brandywine Red Maple tree provides a wealth of color during the fall and will be beautiful throughout the year too. It will be upwards of fifty feet tall when it is full grown.
These trees are simple to grow and maintain, plus they are solid and can withstand a lot of harsh weather conditions. They are all shipped to the customer in bare root form and are easily planted in all locations. The bark on maple trees is brown or dark gray. Trees that are younger often have a smoother texture while older ones have a rougher surface. Leaves on maples are divided into 3-9 lobes on most species and pattern out in an opposite leaf arrangement. Leaves on maples typically transition from green to varying hues of yellow, orange, and red in autumn.

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Maples produce samaras, a distinctive fruit that falls off the tree to allow seeds to spread. Sugar, Black, and Red maple trees are the ones that provide sap that can turn into syrup. Maple trees are renowned all over the world for their bright autumn leaf colors. They grow to a height of thirty to one-hundred and forty-eight feet, making them the perfect size to provide shade in your backyard or front lawn. Although they are mainly deciduous, some maple trees in the Mediterranean region and southern Asia are evergreen. Many of the maple tree’s root systems are fibrous and dense, sometimes slowing the growth of plants underneath them. Its arrangement distinguishes each leaf of the maple. They are large, broad, and flat with three to nine veins that lead to a lobe from one central thread. The colors of the maple tree’s leaves range in a full spectrum of green, yellow, orange, and red. Maples flower in the early spring and sometimes in late winter. The flowers themselves have four or five petals and four to ten stamens, which are less than half an inch long. They are resistant to pests and most diseases. Once they become established, they are quite tolerant of drought conditions. These are marvelous trees to incorporate into any landscape. Oak trees, scientifically referred to as Quercus, have almost 600 different species and are most commonly found in North America. Querci are mostly deciduous, meaning they shed their leaves annually. Oak trees produce acorns, which can take anywhere from six to twenty-four months to mature and be released from the oak tree and provide sustenance to a wide variety of species. Countless species of birds, squirrels, rodents, and even bears include acorns as an essential part of their diets. Oak trees are prevalent in rural residencies and make for a very natural, homey appearance. The White Oak tree grows at a prolonged rate, about one foot every year, and can grow to be anywhere from fifty to one hundred feet! Their trunks tend to spread outward at the bases, and therefore should not be planted near sidewalks or patios. Bur Oak trees are very similar, growing to a maximum height of eighty feet.
Burs have much more furrowed bark and grow further north and west that their White Oak counterparts. Willow Oaks, not to be confused with willow trees, grow sixty to seventy-five feet tall and are characterized by their thin straight leaves that resemble their namesake’s. This variety is the most famous urban oak tree, typically used to line street sidewalks. The shortest type of Oak Trees is the Japanese Evergreen Oak, standing tall at only twenty to thirty feet tall and approximately twenty feet wide. This Oak typically grows in warmer climates than its cousins, almost exclusively found along the Southeast Coast of the United States. The Pin Oak tree is identifiable by its pronounces canopy and grows between sixty and seventy-five feet tall. The Pin Oak’s high branches tend to grow almost entirely horizontally, while its lower branches tend to droop downward.

Maple Tree Package - Some maples are an excellent early spring source of nectar for bees.

These trees grow fast and lack hard seeds that would otherwise create difficulties for mowing lawns. Their seeds are “winged,” making their descent appear similar to minuscule, spinning helicopters. Maple will grow any time of the year, so long as the ground is not frozen. It grows well in both direct sunlight and shaded areas, dry or wet soil, and low or high elevation, making it one of the most natural trees to cultivate. Some maples grow around two feet per year while others grow slower, ranging from twenty to thirty years to reach full size. In the right conditions, a maple tree can survive for more than three hundred years. Besides its ornamental qualities, dried maple wood is often used to smoke food, producing a fragrant taste reminiscent of maple syrup. Other uses for maple include high-quality crafting wood, paper, charcoal, and firewood.

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