Marsh Fern is one of the most primitive types of plants that are commonly seen today.

Marsh Fern

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Scientific Name: Thelypteris Palustris USDA CLimate Zone: Three to Nine Height: 18-24 inches Spread: 10 inches Soil Type: Very Wet Sun: Full exposure

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Thelypteris palustris, also known as the Eastern Marsh Fern, is native to the Eastern US and Eurasia and is excellent for shaded areas. They require minimal care and are winter hardy. Their foliage is lush and lacy, but the plant is hardy, making this the perfect plant for the practical gardener. Marsh ferns grow best in boggy to moderately wet regions. They don’t do as well in the dry areas. While the ferns prefer moist and sandy soil, they do well anywhere damp as long as their roots are not always in standing water.

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These ferns prefer partial sun to full shade. In colder climates, mulch around the base of the plant is an excellent idea to protect the roots from hard frost. If given consistent water and planted out of the hottest rays of the sun, marsh ferns will provide lush foliage for the entire growing season. Spent foliage may be clipped off of these ferns to keep their appearance fresh. Unless the soil is impoverished, marsh ferns require no fertilizer. Care of marsh ferns is straightforward. Marsh Fern can grow up to 6 feet tall. They have many small leaflets all collected on one larger stem. Each leaflet has small leaves that look and feel similar to moss. They are furry and moist to the touch; Marsh Fern also known as Thelypteris Palustris Pubescens; Hardy planting zones are 4-10. The growth rate for this fern is up to 22 inches per year. Each leaf can become twisted or curved. The lobes on each leaflet can grow up to 7 inches long and 2 inches across. The margins are thin, and they can become oblong to look at; Growing in moist, shady areas. This plant is vibrant and bright green to the look. The lower side of each lobe is lighter in color. The central vein has smaller veins that run through.

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