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Mood Moss, Dicranum Scoparium is a Frequent Used Ground Cover

It can survive extreme cold and even freeze. It is frequently used as a ground cover in the shade to extreme shade-covered landscape designs but found in terrariums. Mood Moss gets its name because it changes color from the moisture it receives. It appears whispy and brittle in times of drought but lush and with a velvet-like appearance when adequately watered. Mood moss is a sprawling ground cover that requires low maintenance and is ideal for beginner gardeners. To establish mood moss, be sure to clear the area it will be growing of debris and rocks. Moisten the leveled-out soil and then moisten the back of the mood moss. Firmly place the moss on the moistened ground. Water for 3-4 minutes a day, three times daily for four months to establish a deep mood moss. Mood moss can also grow on natural surfaces such as rock and wood. It can be harvested in clumps and easily transplanted. It is most commonly found growing in wooded areas and forests all across the United States. Moss does not have a root system and receives its nutrients through photosynthesis, water, and air. This is why proper watering is imperative for most establishments. Moss anchors itself to surfaces through rhizoids. If moss introduces stressful environments, it will become dormant until outside factors improve. It will not maintain a velvet and lush appearance; it may break due to being brittle.

 Mood Moss, Dicranum Scoparium is a Dramatic Color Changing Moss 


This mood moss is my favorite because it changes colors depending on how much moisture it retains. A moist mood moss would seem to have lots of depth and be very soft along with a silky appearance. A wet moss would be lovely and damp, a dry mood moss that looks thinly layered, blowing easily in the wild. It blooms well to a modest 3-4 inches in height as well. I recommend growing them in very shady locations as the moss tends to bronze in sunlight. This moss is very particular with its watering; you must water it three times a day for no longer than 4 minutes in the early stages.

TN Nursery:

Mood Moss – Dicranum Scoparium

Hardy Planting Zones – 4-10

Sun or Shade – Shady to full shade

Mature height – 3-4″ thick

Mature Width – Unknown

Bloom Season – Unknown

Gardener Status – Beginner

This particular mood moss is harvested immediately when an order is placed. Also, it is easily broken apart for better overall coverage of your gardening area. I recommend keeping it moist in equal parts where it will be under lots of shade, thus flourishing to its full beauty. This moss is suggested not to be used for craft projects or other floral arrangements like dry moss;

It grows reasonably quickly in the US in zones 6 and 7 (but not limited to those). Many gardeners would also suggest one to water it every week depending on the humidity of one’s gardening area.

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Mood mosses are also comprehended as Dicranum scoparium and are commonly called broom moss due to the unique countenance of their leaves. The leaf peddles of this species are turned to one flank and have a favorably characteristic shape. These are mostly seen on various textures; cement, wood, rocks, and most of the Northern Hemisphere and Oceania. These species are cultivated from watery to arid areas.

This plant recreates a valuable part for many small inhabitants; Mood Moss provides shelter from larger predators. Some species and insects also utilize this plant as a source of food. 

The mood moss is native to North America, Asia, and Europe. It is typically seen in a woodland type of surroundings on the bed of places with a subordinate viscosity of trees. The moderate temperatures in this aboriginal habitat will vary from the '60s to 70's.

Another interesting fact about mood mosses is that they appear different in different moisture conditions. They appear wispy and irregular in dry circumstances and look smooth and verdantly directional consistency that indicates 'mood.' However, Mother Nature always knows the best for growth. 

It is the choice of many gardeners due to its ease of growth and minimal maintenance. Due to its delicate rooting system and rhizoids to absorb nutrients, it grows on many different consistencies, from moist soils to dry wooden or stone areas. You can use the division in mood moss to grow a new moss. It grows in a lovely and fluffy wool-like texture, perfect for moss terrarium decor, and it grows very fast without requiring much flourish.

These mosses are seen to grow upwards; they propagate through spores and allow new colonies to grow. They grow on every soil condition but make sure to avoid laxly textured or sand-like soil as it is challenging to seal moss on loose surfaces. 

The Mood moss matures to be about 3 to 4 inches dense and has a very soft, nearly wool-like sense. The colors range from bright green to golden green, depending on the soil conditions.

Mood Moss generally requires more little water than other plants and mosses. When moisturizing mood moss, make sure not to flood these species, as it is apt to rot under overly damp circumstances. For the best results, allow the mood moss to spend most dry with large airflows. 

Best Time to Harvest: September to November

Light: Full sun with partial shade

Water: Shortage of water tolerance when matured.

Soil: damp Acidic soil

Zone: 4-10

pH level: 5-6

Height at maturity: 3 feet

Ship As:  Bareroot

The mood moss is the best option to decorate your indoors and outdoors. Get your hands on this freshest and beautiful looking plant at the best rates NOW and give your home a truly magical appearance as well as a fresh woody earthly scent. For recharge, relax, and rejuvenate days!




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Mood Moss - Dicranum Scoparium - USDA Hardy Planting Zones 4-10 - Shady to full shade - when mature growth reaches 3 to 4 inches in thickness - spreading, sprawling low laying plant - Drought tolerant - Gardener Status: Beginner.
Planting Zones 4-10
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