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Moss covered rocks are found in wet climates usually around water beds or near lakes, rivers, and streams.

Moss Covered Rocks Covers 5 Square Feet

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Moss Covered Rocks: Moss types: Acrocarpous and Pleurocarpous Hardy Planting Zones- any Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 1-4" Mature Width- groundcover Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Moss covered rocks are found in wet climates usually around water beds or near lakes, rivers, and streams.

Mossy rocks are used in decor and can be purchased in hobby shops and online. They come in various sizes and are replicated to appear as natural as possible. Most mossy rocks in nature are slippery and when dried out do not retain the green beauty that is desired in crafting.

When speaking of Moss-Covered Rocks, it doesn’t matter if your garden is part of an expensive home in the country or a humble apartment in the city.

When you begin to decorate with rocks, it gives everything a whole new look. Each rock selected for its general appearance and moss coverage. Moss Rocks are deficient maintenance, and once you’ve got your stones laid out to suit you all that’s left is to enjoy the way they look lying there. Mossy rocks will not bear fruit or colorful flowers, but even so, something about the green of the plant snugged onto the grey of a stone can be very soothing. In fact, in Japan, moss is very popular for its serenity effect and is used widely. Mossy rocks are also extremely cost-effective when you consider that Moss grows outward and any clear stones in the area will soon be covered with it as well. Moss is a low growing plant that does well in shade and animals don’t like it as food, so if you have pets, they and your rocks will be safe. Keep in mind that Moss-Covered Rocks aren’t just for outdoor gardening. They also make attractive additions to terrariums and other indoor house plants. The great thing about ordering moss already on the rock is that there will no waiting for it to grow since it will already be attached. The moss will also continue to grow as long as it is kept moist. They would great place around a stream or in or around a waterfall; This will also ensure that it receives all the water needs it could need.

Moss Covered Rocks

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