Native Grasses

Ornamental  Native Grasses Are Drought Tolerant, Easy To grow and maintain

There are multiple types of grass. Of course, there are the bluegrass or fescue varieties that are traditionally used for lawns. There are a variety of native varieties as well, which include the sedges. There are over 100 species of sedge. They are easy to grow and practically maintenance free. Wholesale Nursery Company sells a variety of sedges: the Fox Sedge, Twisted sedge, and Blue sedge are some of the types we have available. More exotic grasses include the Branched Muhly, which produces striking pink and purple blooms in the fall. Low maintenance, it is excellent for meadow gardens or a garden specimen. Wool Grass is a large, upright marsh variety with an attractive wooly flower head that turns coppery in late summer, and stays through the fall – and maybe winter.

Native grasses in landscaping