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Native Plants Requires Very Little Attention or Maintenance

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Native Plants

1. Goldenrod

2. Spotted Wintergreen

3. Anemone

4. Mayapple

5. Goldenseal


Native's Are Easy To Grow & Maintain

Native plants are native to a specific area and often grow wild.

For example, Brown Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia triloba) is located in large portions of the country. Its native habitat is open, moist woods. Their long-lasting blooms make them an excellent choice for anyone living in zones 3-9. It spreads quickly. Or try the Rough Blazing Star, found in eastern North America from the east coast west to Texas and the Dakotas and as far north as southern Ontario. It needs little maintenance and can look good anywhere, native to the Eastern part of North America. It grows in large clusters or clumps of soft pink flowers. It is a homeowner's favorite because of its fullness and color.

Native plants are typically straightforward to grow, requiring minimal maintenance.


Designing a garden focused on native and local plants is becoming increasingly popular with environmentally and historically conscious gardeners. There are many reasons, but the chief among them is that these plants are designed to thrive in the environment, leading to excellent results with less work. When deciding where to start with a native garden, there are a few key areas to consider.


Blooming Native Plants


No garden is complete without the splashes of color that a thriving patch of flowers brings. When choosing which blooms to plant, keep wildflowers on the shortlist. Not only will they likely flourish with comparatively little effort, but it is a way to help preserve the historical landscape and ensure the survival of these native plants for future generations. Studies have also shown that planting wildflowers benefit the local bee population. That said, attention should still be paid to water, sun, and soil requirements when planning a garden with these bee-friendly blooms.


Native Grass Plants


Native grasses are another environmentally-friendly choice. They contribute to the lush feel of a mature garden and help cover and protect the soil. Being ideally suited to their environment, they will require less work than imported, purely ornamental grasses. Not only will native grasses often require less water, but they can generally survive with fewer chemicals and pesticides. Wide varieties are available, giving landscape designers plenty of options to suit a wide range of aesthetics. These healthy, beautiful native grasses are an excellent addition to simple, ornate garden designs.


Native Oak Trees


Trees, the most constant and lasting element of most gardens, also do better when native varieties are selected. Experienced landscapers are particular fans of oak trees, as their many types thrive throughout the United States. Some oak trees do well in the more Mediterranean climate of the Southwest, while other species enjoy the rainier, cooler weather of the Northeast.


Native Maple Trees


Maple trees are another well-liked species that have multiple varieties to choose from. From the Red Maple on the east coast to the Bigleaf Maple on the west coast, gardeners who want to choose native maple trees for their garden will have no trouble finding a suitable specimen. They also vary quite a bit in their appearance, so there is no need to compromise on design when selecting the perfect tree.


Native Edible Plants


No list of native plants would be complete without mentioning edible varieties. Even gardeners who want to avoid the traditional but labor-intensive vegetable patch can quickly scatter a selection of delicious plants throughout their yard. Popular suggestions include berry bushes, fruit trees, and herbs. Not only do they share the ease of care already mentioned for other native plants, but they will be an excellent addition to local and traditional recipes.

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Landscaping With Perennials and Native Ferns 

Historically ferns have been named one of the oldest species of plants. They have existed for about three hundred million years, long before the dinosaurs' existence, making them perennial plants. Ferns are found in the Pteridophyte family, which also entails some of the most diversified plants, such as the mosses, horsetails, quillworts, and spike mosses.

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 Even though the ferns rarely bloom, they are the most used perennial plants for ornamental landscaping. Ferns have an extensive range of textures, lush foliage, and different forms, making them ideal for use in diverse landscapes. Another reason they are widely used is their ability to remain relatively healthy even with minimal care. Their growth in a shadier environment inhibits the growth of other fussier plants. Two categories of ferns, the perennial and native ferns, will shed more light on decision-making on which ones to use for your landscaping.

 Perennial Ferns

 Perennial ferns date to prehistoric times. The perennial ferns are best for shady landscapes. They come in various shapes and colors, which blend well with other shade plants. The perennial ferns are deer resistant, making a perfect woody project choice in the gardens. The perennial ferns come in various types: cinnamon, autumn brilliance, dixie wood, and Japanese Holly fern.

 Native Ferns

 Native ferns are the different ferns that do well on specific geographical grounds. The ferns are primarily found in the tropics. Different native ferns are found in various areas of the world. Native ferns are readily available in your area, and from the nurseries, you will get the most information for the most appropriate one to use in your landscaping exploration. Native ferns also contribute immensely to the sustainability of the landscape. Typical examples of native ferns are ostrich ferns, lady, Christmas ferns, and sensitive ferns. The native ferns will give you beautiful scenery in that garden spot if you try it.

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