Nikko Blue Hydrangea 12-18"

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  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea 12-18"
  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea 12-18"

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Nikko Blue Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that features large, dark green, succulent leaves and massive blue flower clusters

This stunning shrub starts budding in early spring and is usually in full bloom when the summer months start. It will continue to stay in bloom for the entire summer and well into the fall. These beautiful blue flower clusters typically measure an average of 9-inches across, and the shrub will become so full that the branches will start to bow from the weight of the blossoms.

This shrub will continue to bloom on old wood, so it is best to only prune the shrub after it is done flowering. It is one of the hardiest flowering shrubs, and it can tolerate temperatures to 20 degrees below zero. This shrub is also so versatile that it can even be grown indoors. All it requires is a sunny window and plenty of moisture as an indoor delight. This flowering shrub is perfect for creating garden foundations or looking just as beautiful standing alone.

It is a personal favorite of many people. It is a great, very fast-growing shrub plant that is a deciduous evergreen. It can make an excellent border in the semi-shaded areas of your garden and is perfect for building a woodland garden, seacoast exposure, fire escapes, and containers and borders. Blue Hydrangea looks excellent when it blooms its luscious bright, showy blue flowers in the early summer. In more alkaline soils, the flowers can become a pink hue. The color will depend on the soil condition and the pH level. It grows very well in partial sunlight and thrives when watered regularly—water weekly and more often when boiling.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea is an attractive shrub

A splendid accent for borders in partially shaded areas, the large beautiful flower clusters of the shrubs are viral and easy to propagate. If any, during the blooming time, the bold blue flower heads are enormous and globe-shaped. The cascading foliage contains broad, oval leaves that taper to a point. As one of the showiest woody plants, it grows well in shaded areas and is among the favorite classic landscapes.

It is a beautiful bush that has beautiful flowers. This plant is great for accenting a garden, lining a wall, or use as a partition. You can change the color of the bloom. If you add aluminum sulfate, you will have a deep blue. If you add lime, you will get a darker pink. It is one of the few flowers that the color can change with some help.


This shrubs blooms in early summer It needs to be deeply watered, especially during dry weather and when the flowers are blooming. If you take off the dead bulbs, they will grow more. One nice thing about this plant is that you can cut them and dry them straight in a vase when the blooms are complete. They keep for several years and can be a lovely accent in a room in your house.

The hardy zones of this magnificent showcase are 7 through 9. Although, with the protection, the hardy zones could be 6. The shrub grows to its mature height at about 6 feet, while the spread is 4 to 5 feet. It is blooming time if any showy flowers would be late spring throughout late summer. Planting the shrub in more acidic soil will produce striking blue flowers, whereas planting the shrub in a more alkaline soil produce a more pink flower. The shrub reaches its mature height and spreads in about 3 to 5 years.


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