Nine Bark is a beautiful eye catching shrub to add to any garden.

Nine Bark

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Latin Name- Physocarpus Opulifolius Hardy Planting Zone- 2-8 Mature Height- 6-10 ft Width- 6-10 Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Ninebark requires acidic soil;  deep hole recommended and two times wider than the pot. It grows 6-10 feet in height and width. Hardy zones 2-8. Good for xeriscaping. White cup-shaped flowers with peeling bark and creates beautiful foliage. Late spring shows the appearance of white flowers, and It has a marked contrast to dark purple. Nine Bark is a deciduous shrub which has attractive foliage, peeling bark and a cluster of white cup-shaped flowers, thus making them perfect for landscaping. They acquired their name from extreme peeling and are believed to have nine layers. These shrubs used as windbreakers and to offer shades during summer.

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A moist well-drained soil PH is perfect to grow this shrub. However, they can tolerate almost all soil types, but it’s even better to plant them in moist conditions especially near streams. Moreover, they can thrive in full sun or partial shade because they can suck up water fast.

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Ninebark shrubs have cascading branches with dark green leaves. It has a reddish colored peeling bark making it look beautiful every season of the year. Additionally, you will be able to see whitish-pink flowers with red fruits during the fall. When fully matured, these trees grow from 5-10 feet long and about 6-8 feet wide.

Nine Bark Blooming Period

The blooming period is during late spring and early summer where you will color flowers and fruits from this tree. This attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies and when pruned early it produces more flowers.

Nine Bark Hardy Planting Zones

Since there are a variety of these trees, ninebark grows in climate zones of 1-10, 14-19 and 32-45. The longevity of This Plant: This shrub grows quite fast, and this gives it an ability to live long and still retain its looks. Secondly, they never spread to unwanted places, and that’s why many people love them. Conclusion: You can’t go wrong once you’ve planted this shrub because of its ability to withstand almost anything from insects to harsh weather conditions and soil.

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