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Northern Singlespike Sedge

Northern Singlespike Sedge

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The Northern Singlespike Sedge or Carex is a perennial and is found throughout North America and Canada.

It likes moist soil and will do well in a shady area such as bogs or other wetlands, but also grows in basins and on cliffs. It usually presents with a single stem yet sometimes can have up to three. It is can grow up to 13 inches tall and hardy zones are 4-10. In some states, the Federal Government has it is on an endangered list. This sedge has a pink to red grassy blossoms then the spike turns brown and will be present from Spring to Summer.

It does have a pretty moderate growing cycle and spreads out over the seasons and it continues to provide grounds coverage. It attracts insects and provides a food source for small animals and small birds. The Northern Single Spike Sedge is propagated by bare root and will continue to produce green to brown grassy stems throughout the year with the bloom and spike being present during spring and summer as stated earlier.

It is the most common type of sedge in a wetland or field that has moderate to full moisture at all times.

It is depicted in paintings and found in the domestic garden or pond landscape for ground cover, tall wetland appearance and overall grace of tall waving grassy plant. Some domestic gardeners and pond landscapers plant the sedge for its showy spike stems and lush green grass for an all year long spray of greenery. The Native Single Spike Sedge is a favorite also because of its low price and hardy easy to root planting potential. There are several other types of sedge that will accompany the Single Spike and provide a nice border along a pond or man-made lake.

Northern Single spike sedge is known for being native to Northern America. There is only one spike per stem, and on occasion, there can be two or three spikes’. Most of the time there are three stigmas. Northern Single spike Sedge is also called Carex Scirpoidea. Hardy planting zones are 4-10. The growth rate is up to 29 inches tall.

The plants range from 10-35 cm high. They have hairy perigynia. Found mostly in the wetlands. This plant grows well where there are bogs and moist soil. They prefer shady areas.

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