Oakleaf hydrangea the common name for Hydrangea quercifolia is an excellent flowering bush that is ideal for use in larger yards and along broader garden paths.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

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The Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea Quercifolia, is a temperate shrub that grows in deciduous environments.

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Its very showy white flower heads characterize the plant. The flowers bunch in cone-shaped bouquets and start white, but age to pink during late summer and early autumn and a rusty brown with paper-like texture in winter. Unlike other hydrangea species, the color of the flowers does not change according to the soil that the bush plants in. This means that with the oak leaf hydrangea you get the same color profile year after year reliably everywhere it is planted, but it also means that the color of the flowers can be “tunes” by gardening enthusiasts. The broad leaves are a flashy yellow-green but can darken down to dark green as the season progresses. The underside of the leaves is always silvery white. Nonsensically the leaves of this plant grow more significant in the shade than in the sun. The leaves do change in autumn to varying shades of vibrant red, deep bronze, and rich purple. The color remains consistent through the winter, even in freezing temps.

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These plants are resilient to extreme cold but care taken to frost cover during freeze warnings. Growth height can range from a couple of meters to up to 26 feet, which makes it ideal for fill-in in a wide range of applications. At full height, the bush as an open crown. Native to the continental united states, specifically to the southeastern region it grows in just about any stable pack soil. Oak Leaf Hydrangea prefers a temperate climate with moderate moisture. Rainfall is sufficient to keep hydrangea happy, but in drier periods are watering may be necessary. It prefers a mixed hardwood environment, especially on hillsides near streams or small creeks, but does equally well in a landscaped setting as well. Partial to almost full shade is the preference, but the full sun can tolerate in low UV environments. Oak Leaf Hydrangea is a beautiful shrub that grows best in climate zones five through nine. It will grow to be anywhere from two to six feet. It will need slightly acidic and moist soil conditions that are well-drained. This shrub can grow in either full sunlight or partially shaded environments. It adapts to places from slopes to hillsides to flat land. It will bloom white flowers during the spring and summer months.

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The botanical name for the oakleaf hydrangea is known as hydrangea quercifolia. The mature height can be quite remarkable when seen in full bloom. When it’s reached a total mature height, this plant can range anywhere from 3 feet to 10 feet. The spread is quite remarkable too; spread when in full bloom can go anywhere from 6 feet to 10 feet, just like the height. If you bought these plants in early spring than the perfect blooming time if any would happen around the early summertime; If you decided to purchase these flowers in early summer than you can expect the best flowering time if any to occur around mid-summer time. The hardy zones are between 5 and 9. Any garden that gets full sun to partial shade is perfect.

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