Oak Trees are often used for their lumber.

Oak Trees

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Oak Trees are perhaps some of the most well known and popular trees in the United States. They are marvelous shade trees and known for their strength.

Oak Trees are Slow Growing Deciduous Trees

Most oak trees are slow-growing trees but have live spans of several hundred years; There are some of these trees that grow moderately fast; These are favorites of gardeners, homeowners, and landscapers. Nothing makes a statement quite like the mighty Oak Tree. There are well over 600 different species of this type of tree. Many of these beautiful trees are known for their large size.  Oak Trees are not extraordinarily particular and will thrive in various climate zones. Some of these trees can reach heights of 115 feet or more and have a 60-foot canopy spread when they are fully mature. They also produce an acorn that is very popular with birds, squirrels, deer, and other various types of wildlife. These trees are so stately that they were named America’s National Tree in 2004 by the Arbor Day Foundation. They have lovely green foliage and large branches, some up to 60 feet in length. Not only do they make magnificent shade trees, but they produce beautiful foliage colors of red, yellow, orange, and brown in the autumn months.

Oak Trees are Resistant to Pest and Most Diseases and Once Established are Quiet Tolerant of Drought Conditions

They are resistant to pests and most diseases. Once they become established, they are quite tolerant of drought conditions. These are marvelous trees to incorporate into any landscape. Oak trees, scientifically referred to as Quercus, have almost 600 different species and are most commonly found in North America. Querci are mostly deciduous, meaning they shed their leaves annually. Oak trees produce acorns, which can take anywhere from six to twenty-four months to mature and be released from the oak tree and provide sustenance to a wide variety of species. Countless species of birds, squirrels, rodents, and even bears include acorns as an essential part of their diets. Oak trees are prevalent in rural residencies and make for a very natural, homey appearance. The White Oak tree grows at a prolonged rate, about one foot every year, and can grow to be anywhere from fifty to one hundred feet! Their trunks tend to spread outward at the bases, and therefore should not be planted near sidewalks or patios. Bur Oak trees are very similar, growing to a maximum height of eighty feet. Burs have much more furrowed bark and grow further north and west that their White Oak counterparts. Willow Oaks, not to be confused with willow trees, grow sixty to seventy-five feet tall and are characterized by their thin straight leaves that resemble their namesake’s. This variety is the most famous urban oak tree, typically used to line street sidewalks. The shortest type of Oak Trees is the Japanese Evergreen Oak, standing tall at only twenty to thirty feet tall and approximately twenty feet wide. This Oak typically grows in warmer climates than its cousins, almost exclusively found along the Southeast Coast of the United States. The Pin Oak tree is identifiable by its pronounces canopy and grows between sixty and seventy-five feet tall. The Pin Oak’s high branches tend to grow almost entirely horizontally, while its lower branches tend to droop downward.

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