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Orange Daylily 3 For $12.99 Description

Orange Daylily, Hemerocallis Fulva is a Beautiful, Fast Growing Perennial

Orange Daylily is also known as Hemerocallis Fulva. It is native to China, Asia, and Japan. However, it has become a typical garden plant all over the world. These should not be confused with the Tiger Lily, which is often mistaken due to both plants' vibrant orange color. They will thrive best in hardy planting zones 3-10. The Orange Daylily is a fast-growing perennial and will succeed in moist soil types. This lily will look lovely when in bloom, giving a burst of color.; It will be easy to care for. The flowers on this plant will only last for a day but will repeat bloom throughout the summer months.

 Orange Daylily, Hemerocallis Fulva is an Easy Care for Burst of Color to add to your Gardens.

This lily will grow to be 10 to 18 inches tall. It will grow best in areas that have full sunlight. This plant will look amazing when in bloom. It will have gorgeous orange blossoms that can light up a garden. It will also have beautiful emerald green leaves when grown. The foliage of this plant is long and broad. They will be sure to make the orange flower pop even more. It can also spread to be around 3 ½ inches across. It will reach full height in the second or third year after planting. These would look great planted in any garden and will surely not disappoint.

The buds and flowers are also edible. They tend to have a sweet and spicy or peppery flavor to them. This hardy, herbaceous perennial has many green, waxy-coated, linear leaves with parallel veins. The leaves are one to three feet long, tapering to a point. From the midst of the leaves, tall, stout stems grow from 16 to 59 inches tall with spikes of 10 to 20 buds. Buds are pale green to green-orange. They open one at a time, successively, from the bottom of the spike or scape. So while named "Beauty for a Day," each flower lasts about 24 hours, and the plant itself flowers over weeks.

Orange Daylily, Hemerocallis Fulva Online Lowest Price Guarantee

Orange Daylily is a perfect companion for your summer day!

This perennial originated from Asia, especially China and Japan. You may know this perennial as Orange Daylily; however, it also can be called Hemerocallis Fulva. Even though Asia is the first place for this perennial to grow, you can now find it everywhere. Some people may get confused whenever it is compared to Tiger Lily. Both have the same orange color for their petals, making them look similar but different. It has a full orange color, and the light yellowish base with more comprehensive and long petals perfectly shows you the cheerful yet calming flower in the middle of the summer vibes.

As the flower is the main 'character' here, everyone waits for its blooming time. As expected from summer companions, This perennial blooms throughout summer non-stop. As long as summertime, the blooming time will be repeated, so it keeps showering you with lots of new flowers. Besides, the leaves color of Orange Daylily, when it fully blooms, is as precious as the petals. It is still green, but it sparks like an emerald. Such a waste if you don't witness it by yourself. If you have not found suitable flowers for your garden yet, then this one should be on the first line of your bucket list. Don't be afraid to take care of it due to its size when it blooms (around 10 to 18 inches tall). This plant is one of the easiest flowers to take care of. That is one of the perennials planted starting from zone 3 to 9. It can grow well in moist soil types. So, you don't have to be afraid of giving them the wrong soil.

As long as it is moist enough, your plant will be safe. It is not difficult, right? Most plants and flowers have a love-hate relationship with the sun or light. Some can stay under direct sunlight for a limited time. Some may need to be hidden from the light to survive.

Nevertheless, it is one of the exceptions. Orange Daylily and sun is like a soulmate. These plants can grow up to their maximum level whenever the sun is. In conclusion, this perennial can grow under the proper care until its full height mode in the second or third year of the plantation. Some of you may know that you can eat some flower buds. Luckily, This perennial is one of them. Please don't spend your time questioning whether its buds are edible or not because it is edible! Feel free to try it by yourself. You will get the sensation of spicy and sweet from them. Orange Daylily will be the best choice if you want to enjoy the summer heat throughout the small garden in your house. Let them show you the new side of summer heat!  


 Best Time to Harvest: Summer

Light:  Full sun


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Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Condition and service

    Posted by Jay on Mar 07, 2022

    The day lilies came as advertised, nicely packaged and fresh. They arrived promptly and I put them in starter pots the same day they came. It has been a little over a week and the are already showing new growth. I will buy more plants from Wholesale Nursery Direct

  • 5
    Orange daylily

    Posted by Randy Williams on Jan 26, 2022

    Such an exciting color around your garden when it fully blooms. I so love to watch this lined up in my pathway.

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