Organic Mulch is made from all-natural materials such as shredded cedar or pine, shredded bark, twigs, or chopped leaves.

Organic Mulch – 2 Gallon Bags

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Mulch is known to be any material that is spread across the surface in order to retain moisture in the soil, keep the temperature of the soil lower, and it is also supposed to suppress weeds.

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It contains no added chemicals or artificial fillers — spread organic mulch around trees, shrubs, perennial plants, annuals, or vegetables. Organic mulch helps the soil retain water and provides nutrients for the plants. One advantage of organic mulch is that it does not require plastic sheeting underneath it. Instead, over time, Organic Mulch decomposes into rich fertile loam, improving the soil and feeding the plants in the process. Organic mulch also makes a garden more attractive by preventing weeds and grass from growing up around specimen plants and competing with perennials.

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Organic mulch – 2-gallon bags can be multiple different things such as wheat straw, or pine needles, pine bark, compost, or even newspaper. Depending on what you want, the mulch to do is what type you will pick. Now it is essential to choose the right kind of organic mulch and make sure you lay it down loosely so that the water can pass through it. Pine bark is whats left of milling trees for lumber it’s the best soil conditioner for a vegetable garden. The cube sells wheat straw, and it works best around vegetable plants as a light, fluffy mulch. Since it breaks down relatively quickly, it can turn in to the soil and be replenished each season, using this to add organic matter back to the soil and without changing the pH balance. And lastly, the newspaper is great as a weed barrier. Newspaper, of course, needs to be paired with wheat straw or pine needles to keep the paper in place. And again the newspaper will decompose enough to turn to the soil without the mess with the pH levels. Compost is great for any garden to re-adding those nutrients that have already been fed. The organic mulch bought in two-gallon bags.


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