Donation Form

Wholesale Nursery Co ships many orders per season, and we always have a surplus of plants we choose to donate, not throw away or replant in each season. In 1938, the founder offered many universities and professionals free plants for research and supplements in more prime gardening areas. And to this day, our family-owned company still backs the founder's wishes to donate to fit the needs of non-profits, gardening bloggers, and universities for further studies and to help our planet stay beautiful. Plants fight pollution, provide fresh air, clean the environment, beautify and protect. And our motto is "Why throw away what could be someone else's treasure."

1. Non-Profit Organizations (Boyscouts, Gardening Clubs, Etc)

2.Universities For Higher Research

3.Governmental Restoration Plantings

4.Garden Blog Owners (And some website owners in the niche)


We have donated to universities, national site planning, garden blog, and website owners serious about the environment and planting plants for purification, beautification, and to increase cleaner air and help the environment.

That is not a "free for all," and you choose what you want. We have a surplus of some items and are glad to donate a few plants. Please do not expect to give us quantities or species choices. Fill out the form, and if accepted, we will try our best to send you some plants you will be well pleased with. We only take exact species requirements from Universities for plant study.

To Get Free Plants Mailed To You, Simply Copy & Paste This Form (and your replies) In The Comments Question Box Below.

1. Company Name and USPS Mailing Address (Where To Ship Plants To)

2. Your Organization website or blog URL

3. What Type of Plants Are You Interested In? Ferns, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Anything Available? No Specific Species, Please.

In exchange, all we ask is a simple "thank you" and a small logo of our website (clickable) on your page. That is all we ask for you to leave our thank you up permanently as a supplier for your donation. That builds us further credibility of what we do. See sample banners or use your own.

Tammy will check your information and get back to you within one day. We will immediately ship out your plants as soon as we verify these things listed above.