Pagoda Dogwood Brush Layers are great to use because they are very easy to grow and the roots are known to be strong.

Pagoda Dogwood Brush Layers

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Pagoda Dogwood live stakes are great to use because they are very easy to grow and the roots are known to be strong.

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When planting live stakes, it is best to plant them during the regular dormant period for the Dogwood. They thrive best in hardiness zones 3 through 7. Live stakes are usually a little over a foot long. If at all possible, they should plant within 24 hours of being cut from the parent tree. Live stakes should only be 5 percent of the parent tree.

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The best way to place a stake in the soil is with a rubber mallet; This will help the stake from becoming damaged. They need to be kept moist throughout the whole growing season to survive. Otherwise, there is very little maintenance necessary except to make sure that invasive vegetation is not taking over the stake.
Once the stake begins to sprout, they will overgrow. When fully grown, the trees will reach to be approximately 20 feet in height.
Pagoda Dogwood is also known as Cornus Alternifolia. Hardy in planting zones 3-7. Growth rate at maturity can reach 15-25 feet tall and 20-32 feet wide. Pagoda Dogwood will have a yellowish white bloom from May to June; This flowering tree is low maintenance and has excellent fall color; The bloom will have a showy and fragrant flower in the spring.
It is deer tolerant and will attract birds and butterflies. Plant it in full sun to part shade and in medium, acidic, fertile, well-drained soil. Some afternoon shade required in hotter climates; This tree will perform its best in the colder summer climates and would benefit from a layer of mulch; Flowers replaced by blackish blue fruits and will mature in late summer. This plant works well for patios or lawns even bird gardens since it will feed the birds with its fruit.

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