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Partridge Pea- Chamaecrista Fasciculata have striking yellow blooms with red centers

Often used as ornamental flowers or for native wildflower gardens, Partridge Pea Plants grow well in nearly half the country, from Minnesota, down to New Mexico, and East to New Hampshire, and down to Florida. This hardy plant grows naturally in many places, needs relatively little water, and is a beautiful addition to your garden. The Partridge Plea Plant is a legume that blooms into many striking yellow blooms with red centers. The leaves are bushy and green. The plant typically grows to around 2 to 4 feet high, although 6 foot high Partridge Pea Plants are not uncommon.

Partridge Pea-Chamaecrista Fasciculata plants attract all kinds of wildlife 

If you decide to grow Partridge Pea Plants, be prepared for a host of visitors. First of all, many species of butterflies make the Partridge Pea Plant their first home. Bees love to pollinate Partridge Pea Plants, and all kinds of birds not only love the plant for its cover but eat the seeds. Deer will tend to eat some of the foliage but keep livestock and possibly cats and dogs away from the plant as it may be poisonous to them—Plant Partridge Pea Plant in seed from March to May. Usually, you may need to add a bit of phosphorous to fix the nitrogen in the soil as the plant likes acidic soil. Partridge Pea Plants will bloom in the summer and will bloom until early September. 

Just be sure and plant them in an area where they will get a lot of sunlight. If they are in a shady area, ensure that the shade hits no more than 4 hours per day. As to the soil, as long as the soil drains well, the Partridge Pea Plant is not picky. Partridge Pea Plants are almost always grown from seedlings. Note that Partridge Pea Plants have tough seedlings, so it is best to take some sandpaper and scar up the seed a little before planting. 

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