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Partridgeberry, Mitchella Repens Thrives in Mostly Wet Habitats and Has a Rich Produce of Evergreen berries

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens, is an evergreen creeper vine native to North America. This perennial woody herb is a low-growing, delicate vine in the Rubiaceae (madder) family known as the quaw vine, deerberry, running box, winter clover, one berry, or twinberry. This plant thrives in the forest, stream-banks, rotten logs, and other wet habitats.

The Partridgeberry plant works as a groundcover under acid-loving shrubs. It produces pairs of white, fragrant flowers that later developed into bright red berries. There was a belief in the old days that partridges ate the berries, hence the name partridgeberry.

As a trailing, evergreen herb with white, fragrant, tubular flowers in pairs, the Partridgeberry is a creeping, perennial herb, no taller than two inches. All parts are dainty, including small, rounded, evergreen leaves; tiny, trumpet-shaped, pinkish-white flowers; and scarlet berries. While the Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens) is used for ornamental purposes in gardens today, it has its other uses, including food and medicine in the past. Since this plant is a prostrate vine, it's easy to use it for ground cover.

Partridgeberry, Mitchella Repens Has Gained Popularity For Its Ornamental Red Berries and Shimmering Foliage

The Partridgeberry plant spreads throughout eastern North America, from South Eastern Canada to southern Florida, Texas, and Guatemala. It grows in dry or moist woods, along stream banks, and on sandy slopes, but most gardeners cultivate the Mitchella repens for its ornamental red berries and shiny, bright green foliage. Grown as a ground cover in shady locations, the Partridgeberry rarely tolerates propagation for garden use through seeds, so cuttings are an easy alternative. People have widely collected these plants for Christmas decorations, and over-collecting has impacted some local populations negatively. The plants are grown in terrariums, with its scarlet berries considered edible but rather tasteless, with a faint wintergreen flavor resembling cranberries (to which they are not closely related). The same common name may refer to Vaccinium Vitis-idaea, "Newfoundland Partridgeberry," or "lingonberry," but it is a different species. The Mitchella repens prefer thriving under full or part shade, with well-drained soil, requiring low to moderate watering. If the Partridgeberry grows in part shade, it will need more frequent watering than its state in full shade. Stay alert for wilting of the leaves, as the Partridgeberry does not like to be disturbed or transplanted after it establishes in the garden. Partridgeberry plants develop slowly but surely, eventually forming partridgeberry ground cover. The plant rarely experiences problems caused by pests or diseases, making caring for partridgeberry plants a snap.

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