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Perennial Garden Collection - 6 Assorted Colors, Perfect For Your Zone

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Perennial Garden Collection is a Handpicked Variety of Perennials

Perennial plants might sound like a challenge, because they come back year after year, needing further care. The truth is sweet, however, because as Ernest Wilson said, "There are no happier folks than plant lovers and none more generous than those who garden." So don those gardening gloves and grab your rake! It's time to add perennials to your garden.

Perennial Garden Collection Come in a Variety of Colors for all Your Landscaping Needs 

You only have to plant them once, they come in many variations and colors, and winter is not a scare - in fact, Perennial Resource says you must expose your perennial plants to cold for them to bloom. You can divide your perennials in such a way that there is always one or two kinds in bloom. This way your perennial collection multiplies and multiplies. The perennial combines well with other perennial or annual plants and can frame your driveway, prettify your fence, or be a light sprinkling in your garden. If you want a tall perennial, stake it, and if not, pick a shorter variety. Daffodils, Virginia bluebells, and daylily are in the perennial family. Daffodils beautify spring with their sunny colors. They come in various sizes in shades of yellow with the occasional bit of orange. Put a vase in any room to fill it with an enchanting, subtle aroma. Virginia bluebells bloom from cute pink buds into pretty bluebells that emit a dense, sweet fragrance. They are hardy and attract butterflies. Daylilies come in a fantastic rainbow of colors. Hybridization has made the daylily unique. It is called "the perfect perennial" due to its low maintenance, adaptability, different look, and tolerance for drought. Ready to plant? Clear your space by raking, weeding, and moistening the soil for your perennial garden. Till organic matter into the soil. Give each plant space and place it level with the rest of your garden. A perennial needs to dry out between waterings; otherwise, no watering schedule is necessary. Fertilizing and winter care are easy. Weston Gardens says don't even fertilize the first year, just put some compost up top later, which is called "top-dressing." This ensures the plants get proper nutrients. When it comes to winter care for your perennial, mulch post-frost, and water well before a hard freeze. Make the perennial an asset to your garden, not a mystery to fear. Enjoy its beauty and freshness. Happy planting!

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