Pin Oak Seedlings will grow in to beautiful trees for any landscape.

Pin Oak Seedlings

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Name- Quercus palustris Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width-35-40 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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Pin Oak seedlings, also known as Quercus Palustris Hardy planting zones are 2-10. The growth rate is up to 3 feet per year or growing season. Pin Oaks can grow up to 65 feet in their lifetime. It prefers partial shade to full sun; a significant grower and can provide you with large amounts of darkness because it has a large canopy. It also goes by the name swamp oak because of the swampy marshes it can grow in. This tree grows pyramidal and has a lovely dark green foliage during the spring and summer months, while in the fall it will turn an orange or red color to provide you with attractive fall foliage.

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The wood of the tree is categorized in the redwood family and has dark-colored bark. The root system is quite large, but the tree itself is perfect for drought-tolerant conditions as well as sprucing up an area that may need some love. It is also an excellent plant when your soil is not up to par and low on nutrients. The weight of the wood from this tree is perfect for creating things such as furniture and flooring. The trunk happens to be a favorite for particular animals like ducks and other grounded birds to use as a nest and lay their eggs. The tree also provides food with its acorns which those nesting animals enjoy eating as well as the squirrels and rodents making homes within the tree. All around, the Northern Pin Oak is the perfect tree.

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