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Pin Oak Tree

Pin Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus palustris Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width-35-40 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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The Pin Oak Tree is a beautiful addition to any yard.

They are just amazing and robust trees that will enhance any outdoor space. They turn breathtaking colors through the seasons as they change to Bronze, Russet or Red. There is a little magic around every Pin Oak that you plant. These are trees that will grow fast. During their early years, they will take on a pyramidal shape. They do become large, oval-shaped and dominating trees that stand both strong and proud. They are known to grow somewhere around 60′ to 70′ with up to a to 45′ spread.

This Pin Oak Tree is excellent for wetter soils, and it is a natural part of any swampy terrain.

The bark on a Pin Oak Tree is thinner, and the furrows are more shallow than that of its cousins. Its leaves are very close in resemblance to a Scarlet Oak, but they tend to be a bit smaller. It also has a beautiful red tinted wood that is very strong. The Pin Oak Acorn is something many who live in swampy areas may have seen and were not even aware that it was was produces from a Pin Oak Tree. Pin Oak

If you are thinking of planting a Pin Oak Tree do so in a well-lit area; You may want to check the zoning areas where it will grow best. Sometimes giving a local nursery may help you to decide instead or not the area you reside in will sustain the life of a Pin Oak Tree. If planting one is an option in your area the Pin Oak is a beautiful choice. It’s top choice for landscapers! Watch it grow into a beautiful, delicious tree! Just order it now from Whole Sale Nursery and enjoy!

Pin Oak Tree


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