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Pin Oak Trees Description

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Pin Oak is a classic, stately tree in the wild and gardens. This tree could be the answer if you are looking for a sturdy oak tree for your home or office garden. The tree is known for tolerating wet soil and various sunlight conditions. It also has beautiful green leaves that line the branches during the summer. As the temperature cools, the leaves turn red and then bronze. What are the chief characteristics of Pin Oak?

Growth and Size of the Pin Oak Tree

 It is usually found in hardiness zones 4 through 8. It means it is found throughout the southeastern United States, including TN.

This tree usually grows at a rate of two to three feet per year. The better the growing conditions, the faster it will grow. If this tree is cultivated in your yard, it will reach a height between 60 and 70 feet. If you place it in optimal conditions in the wild, this oak tree could reach over 100 feet. The canopy will spread between 25 and 40 feet in height when fully grown.

The Key Features of the Pin Oak Tree

Some features you could notice about the Pin Oak Tree include:

  • This oak tree likes more acidic soil (with a pH of less than 7)
  • This tree is known for growing yellow and green catkins that measure between five and seven feet in length
  • The catkins usually appear during April or May
  • Because this tree has a relatively shallow root ball, it is one of the easier trees to transplant
  • The unique branching pattern is easiest to spot in the water
  • Young Oak trees usually look like pyramids; however, adult trees usually look like ovals

If you watch your tree grow, you should also notice these features.

Pin Oak Trees are for sale at TN Wholesale Nursery.

It is a tree that will make a solid statement in your landscape. If you want the best tree, then you should trust a nursery with a solid reputation. At TN Wholesale Nursery, we have the best trees available. Our tree team will look at your landscape and pair you with the top trees for your needs. Please speak to our tree experts today about our Oak selection!

 These mesmerizing plants are among the favorite garden choices because of their distinctive characteristics. It is native to moist and wet areas of the eastern and central United States. These trees go well with your landscape area to enhance the beauty and grace of your garden. The ease of plantation of this tree makes it a perfect choice for your landscape area. They can readily grow to their mature size and give a versatile appearance to your garden. Due to the pin, You can easily transplant an oak tree's shallow and branched root system from one area to another. It enables you to change the setting of your garden by planting these easy-to-transplant trees in your garden.

These average-sized deciduous trees require direct sunlight for one-fourth part of the day. This tree demands partial shady conditions for the remaining time of the day. This easily fulfilled shade requirement makes the optimum growth of trees for your garden. They require moist soil rich in organic content is required for optimal growth. The ph. of the soil must be acidic. Soil texture can be loamy or sandy according to the environmental conditions of your area.

This tree is the best choice for your garden because it can tolerate moderate flooding or drought conditions for a short time. The average height of these pyramidal-shaped trees is up to seventy to eighty feet. With excellent care and maintenance, the pin oak tree reaches a height of 100 feet. These readily growing trees can attain their average height in no time. With their ability to grow readily, these tallest trees will make your garden a perfect spectacle to observe.

Best time harvest:  Late summer or early fall


Light: Full sun 

Water: Moderate flood-tolerant

Height at maturity: 80 to 100 feet

Soil: Moist, well-drained, sandy, or loamy soil

Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shady

Ship as: bare root

The distinct interlinkage of tree limbs during winter makes it a worthwhile sight for sightseers. The beautifully shaped, multilobed, pointed leaves of pin oak trees can change from glossy, shiny green in summer to deep red to brownish in autumn. The increasing age of these trees adds beauty to the shape of these deciduous trees by transforming them from ovate to pyramidal forms.

Pollution has minimal effect on the growth and propagation of these trees as these trees are experts in coping with the impurities in the air, water, or surrounding environment. The beautiful color of the leaves in the fall season and brown acorns make these distinctively branched pyramidal trees a perfect choice for your garden. Make your garden unique and extraordinary by getting these pin oak trees available for sale. If you want to attract viewers by planting oak trees, then pin oak trees will prove the right choice for your garden.




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