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Pine Cones are Great for Crafting

Most people would see a typical pinecone to the naked eye, but there is more to them than meets the eye. There are both female and male pine cones. The female cones are the largest of the two and contain the seeds. The females start green and sticky but turn brown and hard after fertilizing them to protect the seeds inside. The rough exterior protects the seeds from freezing temperatures in the winter. The male pinecone is smaller, bumpy, and soft, with close scales that hold pollen sacks that produce the pollen that pollinates the female pinecone.

Insects do not pollinate pines. The male relies on the wind to drift the pollen onto the opened female pine cone, which conveniently sits lower on the tree than the male cone. The male and female cones have scales but are much more prominent in females and are called megasporophylls. The female cone houses many seeds that fall out when the conifer tree has matured and the conditions are just right.

It may take a few years for seeds to begin to develop under the scales of the female pinecone. Each female pinecone has about 200 seeds depending on the exact species. An interesting fact about pinecones is that they produce about 20 different types of pine nuts that are edible to people. A pinecone appeals to our senses. The smell is reminiscent of pine sap and pine needles and is a very refreshing scent. Visually, female pinecones are brown, conical, woody, and spread open. Touching a pinecone might hurt a little because of the prickly scales.

Pine cones can add a Natural Look to any Part of your Gardening or Indoor and Outdoor Decor. 

Because of this, cones have become increasingly popular. You can even use them as craft supplies or see them in potpourri. Some will use them as decorations to give a home a more cabin, outdoorsy feel. They are great for having the most natural look to any part of your gardening or decorating indoors or outdoors. The cones are harvested from the more mature trees, so you receive the best pine cones. You can use them to make a significant wreath or candle ring, decorating a natural look. You can purchase them in one-gallon bags.

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