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Pine Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

Pine Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

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Pine Mulch is lightweight mulch that is commonly used in landscape design.

This mulch is very natural looking and is composed of nugget shapes. These mulch nuggets can be in tiny sizes which are ideal for potting and are also available in large sizes which are great for large flower beds and tree bases. This mulch does not require an acidic environment to help leach its alkaline properties into the ground. The properties released from pine mulch will help garden plants and trees to thrive and grow to their best potential. Pine mulch is often darker in color, and because it is lightweight, it is easy to dispense and disperse in even large yard projects. It is best to replace the mulch every year if you are seeking soil leaching benefits.

If you are seeking aesthetic benefits, the mulch can often simply be turned and used for a few consecutive years.

Pine Mulch is made from several types of trees including pine or fir. Some of the shredded bark can poison the younger plants, definitely if placed deeply in the soil. But another plus to pine mulch is that doesn’t go wrong quite as quickly, as other mulches so if you are in a situation where redoing the mulch every year is out of the question pine mulch might be your best option. The bark doesn’t compact as well around the plants, so it tends to blow around a lot more. But then again it comes cheap and looks the best, for those of us that love our azaleas or rhododendrons. This mulch works best for them because of how high the level of aluminum is. They are formed into chunks which offer a more decorative option that lasts longer as well or shredded bark. The pieces can granules the condition of the soil as well. The mulch can be purchased in three-gallon bags.

Pine Mulch