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Pine Straw Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

Pine Straw Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

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The Pine Straw Mulch is very versatile incorporation for the garden. You can get it in a store or for free if you have a pine tree.

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Pine straw mulch can help to make your soil more acidic and is perfect for those plants, shrubs, and trees who seek an acidic soil.

As the pine-needled breakdown, they make the soil slightly more acid. Place this mulch down around, Azaleas, hydrangeas, ferns, evergreens, holly, and dogwoods and the many other plants that could benefit from acidic soil. Pine straw mulch is easy to use, you place it over the top of the soil and let it get to work. The pine straw mulch also adds an attractive look to the garden; it has a natural look that many gardeners love. The mulch also helps to keep the soil moist and helps to prevent water run-off. Another benefit to pine straw mulch is its tendency to stay in place and not wash away like some other types of mulch does. Those who want to add mulch to a sloping area may have more success with this type, than some others.

Pine Straw Mulch is sold in bales or five-gallon containers; it’s also easily collected if you already have pine trees as part of your landscape.

Pine needles tend to last quite a long time so usually need to be replenished only once annually. Since the needles stick together and stay put, they work well on slopes. Once placed you need to monitor the pH soil with random soil tests, and you can add lime if necessary to add more acidity. They also add more acidity to the soil, so they are an excellent choice for blueberries and other things that work with neutral to alkaline soil. But it will also help insulate the plants as well and not just the ground. It also helps with weed control since the needles tend to lock together it is harder for the weeds to break through. Pine straw mulch is also perfect for insulating the ground from temperature changes, and it will stay put during heavy rain. There are many good things about pine straw.

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