Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood 2-3'

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Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood Shrubs

Cherokee Princess Dogwood 

The Cherokee Princess Dogwood is a flowering deciduous tree reaching approximately 33 feet (10 m) in height. Typically wide rather than tall, the trunk formation of this tree is up to 1 foot (30 cm). The leaves to the Dogwood are ovate in parameter with fine teething. Seasonal foliage turning red-brown in the autumn, the tree is found in Northern and high altitudes. The tree’s flowers are bisexual and are small and greenish-yellow in tone. The individual buds to the clusters of dense, round inflorescence are 1 to 2 cm in diameter. The heads of the flowers are surrounded by pinkish petals or bracts spanning 3 cm in length and 2.5 cm across. Found growing in zones 6-7.


Pink Flowering Dogwood is a lovely little tree that flourishes in sunny groves and moist but well-drained soil

The best hardy zones for this tree are from zone five to zone nine. The hardy zones are important because those are the areas where the tree goes best; when taken out of those zones, it is much harder for the tree to survive. The Pink Flowering Dogwood has a mature height of 25 feet and a spread of 25 feet as well. With an equal mature height and spread, this is a well-balanced, symmetrical-looking tree that will look great in anyone's yard. The blooming time if any, is from April until May, so this blooming time, if any, will be a true hallmark of a person's spring. The pink berries are beloved by songbirds and come in the fall, so they will attract their lovely notes each autumn. The Pink Flowering Dogwood is a wonderful tree to add to anyone's small yard or garden because it is small yet breathtakingly gorgeous.

Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood Trees 

The Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree, also known as the flowering dogwood, is thought to be one of the most beautiful flowering trees native to America. This tree is the most common ornamental tree among homeowners and gardeners and is great to add as an accent in yards or for shade. The small deciduous tree blooms in early spring with small flower clusters which are surrounded by white petals resembling bracts. The Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree can grow to be between 15 and 30 feet in height and can have a spread of between 15 and 30 feet wide.

Full or partial sun is recommended when choosing a place to plant and grow this tree. The leaves of the Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree are dark green and oval in shape. The leaves turn spectacular shades of red during the fall. The Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree produces red fruits that are bitter and not for human consumption but are enjoyed by birds. The fruits ripen during the late summer until the early fall. Overall the Pink Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree is considered low maintenance and easy to care for.


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Planting Zones 5-9
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