Pink muhly grass is an eye-catching and elegant ornamental grass native to North America.

Pink Muhly Grass

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Pink muhly grass waves its pink magic wands like no other. Hardy in USDA Zones 5–10

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Pink Muhly grass, also known as Muhlenbergia Capillaris, is a southern native grass that works well in zones 7 through 10. Pink Muhly used as a ground cover alternative. This grass has green foliage that is “spike-like” and is topped off by pink flowers in the fall season. Pink Muhly grass will thrive in the sun and grows about three feet wide by four to five feet tall when blooming. It grows in any soil, yet will do better in neutral pH. Once it is transplanted, it will need frequent watering until the plant has established itself. This grass needs little care afterward and typically is free from pests and disease. A member of the Muhlenbergia family, it boasts fast-growing time and hardy survival habits. It grows in mounds that reach heights and widths of 3 – 4 feet, and while the foliage itself is green, it’s the feathery spires that bloom and take on the soft pink color that gives the grass its name. Its typical bloom takes place during late summer and continues into the fall, and it provides a uniquely attractive display if planted where the sun can backlight it.

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Removing a couple of inches during the spring season will keep it looking good. Muhly grass attracts beneficial insects, and since the grass clumps, it provides a habitat for wildlife. It gives texture to perennial borders, flowers beds, and rain gardens. Muhly grass found from Kansas to Massachusetts, and down as far south as Florida. One can discover Pink Muhly grass in wet prairies, savannas, marshes, and in the upland pine forests. It is utilized as a ground cover as well as to prevent soil erosion. This lovely grass is known for its ability to grow and thrive in extreme conditions with a small amount of upkeep. It naturally grows in habitats that vary from rough edges of roadways to thick flat forests to rugged coastal dunes, so as long as planted where it can drain well, it will grow easily. It plants in the spring, and when it’s young, water it frequently. However, once it matures, it only needs occasional watering because it instinctively flourishes in harsh, hot, rocky environments and has even been known to hold its own in flood conditions. Other care involves pruning that should be done in late winter to early spring since it’s a semi-evergreen plant. This includes cutting back the older foliage sections to just a few inches above the base to help the shape of the plant as it prepares to grow in the upcoming season. Pink muhly grass has such easy upkeep that yields a visual delight in your garden. Some accompanying flower suggestions include Balloon Flowers, Rose Mallow, Lavender, Black-Eyed Susan, and Coneflower, as they grow at a height that complements the grass and enhances the overall appearance of the garden with a well thought out layered look.

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