Pink Spirea Shrub is a deciduous shrubs come from a large family genus of almost 100 species and are a favorite of many as ornamental plants, because of their striking beauty.

Pink Spirea Shrub

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Zones 4-9. Mature Height 12', Width 10', Color Blooms- Pink, Status- Beginner

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Pink Spirea defined in three ways- hardy, easy to cultivate, and fast to grow. Some people enjoy grouping these bushes for a useful privacy screen or an attractive "live" fence. The shrub also looks gorgeous as a focal point to any landscape and excellent for slope and erosion control. As far as height goes, the versatile Pink Spirea can reach two to six feet tall, depending on the variety. If you adore the color pink and dense panicles of blooms, then you might consider adding the lovely Pink Spirea to your landscaping enhancements. Zones 5 to 9 are ideal for growing these pink beauties with the delicate green foliage. Pink Spirea grow best in full sun for the most abundant and most colorful blooms. When planting, be sure to give them breathing room, because their spreads can vary, depending on the variety chosen. Larger bushes can grow up to six feet wide. These shrubs also like moist well-drained soil but not over-watered, because the plant obtains what it needs from its natural environment. Fertilizing the Pink Spirea is fine, as long as done sparingly. Sprinkling all-purpose fertilizer granules around the base once a year is sufficient and will maintain the shrub's health and lushness.


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Most varieties can be pruned after flowering. This will ensure keeping their proper shape, as well as reducing the plant's height. The Pink Spirea is so tough, the bush can be aggressively pruned and will still keep growing and blooming again. Broken, dead, or diseased branches can be removed at any time.


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